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  1. various reports have announced that the new auris will carry over revised versions of the current 1.33 VVT-i and 1.6 valvematic petrol engines, as well as the 1.8l hybrid. google auris and select news to read these various articles. is worth a visit to get some specs. over there it comes with multi-link rear suspension so heres hoping we get it. the interior features a lot of hard plastic still so that should guarantee bad reviews with auto express/ WHAT VW?/AUTOGERMAN magazines
  2. Hey there, this is so funny my parents car has just came back from the dealer with the same problem! even worse for them though, as the quote is £1800 to fix. This may be a production fault with the car as their car is also a T180, 57 reg, around 49,500 miles on the clock
  3. For those of you who just cant take the new yaris that's coming approx September 2011, good news! toyota are continuing sales of the current yaris, in 5 door 1.33 form, as a budget option under the daihatsu brand! take a look at this link: it is expected to go on sale in may :)
  4. Hope you had a look at my final comments on the T Spirit

  5. Its funny you should say that , my mum and I were in looking at one of these t-spirits yesterday (shes thinking of buying one and running it for a year and a half then giving it to me when im 17) and the dealer said they had been taking the removable sat navs out the cars because people had been asking to see the car then stealing the sat nav, she also pointed out that the removable tom tom can be used on any car (im not sure about charging) pretty low if you ask me...
  6. I love it :) think it will do a much better job of rivalling the fiesta, and i bet it will be ore fun to drive than the current model. i like the new interior, it looks to have better quality and more sporty driving position :) i really wish we could get the 1.5 here though, why are the ultra rich allowed to drive +400g/km co2 cars while most people are now confined to eco-boxes. i noticed that on some reports, that the 1.3 (1.33?) engine has 93 bhp and will have a 5 speed manual for europe! the current car has a 6 speed (abeit a rubbish one) and 100bhp! maybe it will address peoples problems with the gear box and hopefully be more lively than the current 1.33 unit, even with less power, im only 15 but have driven a yaris 1.33 100bhp and a fiesta 1.25 (whats with the stupid names?) with 82 bhp and i will say i had a lot more fun in the fiesta. cant have a fiesta though because i love toyota too much :)
  7. the new models of yaris will be available from the 4th of january 2011. since the new model is just around the corner (being announcd in japan on the 22nd of december 2010) whats the point in expanding the renge now??? i wonder will the sat nave be a proper toyota one or one of the detachable tom toms??
  8. Thay have seen sence and brought them back ! YARIS&deepLink=YA5_TSpirit&navType=Content&sr=Mall
  9. they sold the auris in a colour called "dark green" in europe, and they have a range of different types of green in japan, so it is probs an inport.
  10. i don't like it :( It looks angry. In fact the front lights look like that on the new Prius. So Mr. Toyoda wants Toyota to make cars such that its owners can have an "emotional connection". But having a car that is cute is part of the emotional connection. I like it that my 2010 ('60) Silver Yaris is cute. yeah i know what you mean, the current yaris is the one that i will probibly get when im 17, i prefer the facelifted version, it looks more cute than the older one and is defanetly more characterful, i would love an sr version but they are extreemly rare and expencive in scotland, where evrybody has a t2 lol
  11. just an update if you log on to the website theres even more pictures of it unmasked, the motoring press seems not to have really picked up on this website yet... the new clues are that - yes, the centrally mounted speedo, along with most of the other iconic yaris feactures, is dead! - from the pictures the door handles are the same design as the current one... - these pictures seem to reveal a much blander version than the sporty "modellesta" package one pictured in the leeded leaflet + the engines are roumored to be the same, 1.0 VVT-i 1.33 duel VVT-i petrol and 1.4 D4D Diesel
  12. Well Guys more news a quick google news search for "toyota yaris 2012" shows articles about toyota announcing that a new small hybrid car will be built at TMMF, toyotas french factory. As most of you will know, the france plant only manufactures yaris(es?) and we already have an auris HSD, so, and this is just a guess, i think there will be a HSD version of the 2012 model. somebody posted a article up here a while back with a picture of a very weighed down yaris, and we all guessed it must have been the batteries for the hsd. Im still mourning the loss of the digital dash, as i think the dials pictured are really dull. Don't know why there is an analogue dials on the 2010 TR either, they are hard to read and just arent as cool ;) It seems as though the interior will share many parts with the verso s, also a very bland interior but toyota promises improved quality (personally i dont really care about soft touch plastics, i dont spend my time feeling them so why should i care- id rather have a cool looking dash instead) Are you sure about the modelista not being sold? i know that in many other countries such as the us, you can buy even the most basic yaris with a "sports" kit which looks pretty good, its just toyota UK that are weird! I really like the look of the new yaris, hopefully this is a sign of things to come at toyota! i never understood why they updated it in 2009, they ruined the front of the thing! unfortunately if i can afford it thats the one im aiming for, in t2 spec, as it is by far the cheepest on the used market, losing half its value in a year! so dont buy a t2 new!
  13. Hi Guys Im 15 and want to get a yaris for my first car when im 17. i was looking around google and i found this(its all in japeneese) : as you can see this is clearly a sneek peek at the vitz (japans name for yaris) if you need further proof this is our next yaris then look at this leaked image of it on this icars article: the relevence of the japaneese site is that it contains sneek peeks as to what the new interior looks like (byebye centrally mounted digital dash :'0 ) it looks like it takes styling ques from the newly announced Verso-s and iQ so what do you guys think?
  14. I think the new one looks better, at first i thought eww but i kinda think it has more character than the last one, looks like a mouse (in a good way) just my opinion. they still sell the sr(1.8) just not in the uk. it now has an even thinner grille than the told SR take a look (europe calls it the ts): I wonder if theres any means to import one?