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  1. Just an idea but my ts wouldn't unlock every now and then with the fob, stuck in a new battery and it worked fine.
  2. you tried speaking to fen sport? they might be able to answer something about the trd seats
  3. Not that i am awair of. i know someone put seats out of a celica in. The problem was when you disconnect the airbag to remove the seat, it brakes the circuit and stops the rest from working in the processes. I do remember some one looking for a resistor or something to allow the remaining airbags to work, unsure what the outcome was.
  4. Link to sale thread if any one in here is interested http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=113042
  5. The time has come to sell the corolla. Purchased from my local Toyota garage in march 2009, there is 2 registered keepers before me and 1 of them being the garage itself i think. Currently on 30500 miles but using it daily just now. The car has almost a years MOT and tax, TTE bumper, TTE back box, 17inch Rota grids alloys with toyo proxy t1r's only done about 3000 miles on them and lastly lowered on BC coilovers and no more than 3000 on them also. I have had some body work done but there is still some little bit here and there. There is 2 little dents on each side from the supermarket car park, but are only visible when the light shines a certain way. Engine is total standard and never been modified. Full Toyota service history Car is HPI clear. Got standard parts still but would include but don't think it will all fit into the car, that can be discussed with buyer. I am located in the Shetland island and can pick you up from ether the boat or airport. I could take the car down on the boat and meet in Aberdeen but would require a larger deposit to cover boat fee's and return trip. I have attached some pictures including some of the little flaws, can take more of specific places and email if required. this picture is from summer last year Looking for £6500 no stupid offers please or i will just ignore you.
  6. not really to keen in taking the coilovers of, as i had to drill my front anti role bar out a little to get the drop links to fit. so would probably sell them with the car.
  7. they are 17' rota grids with 215/45 toyo t1r's on them with loads of thread left 1 alloy has a slight mark where it was set down face first apart for that there's not a mark on them.
  8. 2003 bmw m3 was in the process of getting a 2005 one but cheapest insurance was 10k!!! but can get a 2003 one for 2k? don't know what the insurance people smoke
  9. haha what you guys like! i just got the bumper resprayed also as when it went for an MOT they scraped the s**t out of it will probably post up a for sale thread on Monday night. what you all reckon she is worth? kinda hoping for 6500 the way it is due to only having 30500 miles :o
  10. Well guys i think its time to sell the t-sport. going to start a thread in the for sale section later on when i get authorised as a supported again. i would like to keep it in the club. depending if i get any interest or not i would possible sell the tte bumper, tte back box and possibly the alloys.
  11. when the ac on my t-sport went i took it back to Toyota under warranty and they put some leek detection stuff in and told me to come back in a week and keep the ac on when i was using the car. was some pipe under the battery that was corroded.
  12. If you have the AC on it can fluctuate idle when it cuts in and out?
  13. If its the ones for the actual strut brace just tight, i don't think the torque settings are really to important.
  14. Update Got the new sensor today the old bolt was a pig to get out, think all the was wrong with it was there was little bits of mettal sticking on the magnetic end of it. So I would think that if you gave it a rub of it would have been fine but had the new sensor so just fitted it and all working well now!
  15. update for you put the car into the garage for a diagnostic and its the front left speed senses so ordered one up and should be with me at the end of the week.
  16. no typhoon engine is still standard. looks like ill just have to get it plugged in to find out what one :(
  17. Any body had problems regarding all 3 of this lights? This had just started happening to my 04 facelift, start the car and they come on and don't go out. but if i turn it of and on again sometimes they go out and remain out for a while and abs and trc works fine? Think it might be a sensor somewhere any ideas before i go get it plugged into the diagnostics at Mr.T
  18. interested to catch the replies on this...how much are they going for now? contemplating getting one!! you checked out the difference it'll make in terms of insurance at all? from what i've read before, i think the supercharger kits are discontinued wherever you look... i spoke to TTE a few months ago and you cannot buy the kit from them, but they said that you can buy all the individual parts from toyota themselves. they sent me the the parts list in a pdf format that i can email you in a few days when i get back to my home pc.
  19. i amm running BC coilovers for about 6 month now with no problems with the damping set in the middle of them. very happy with them
  20. thanks for your input all still not sure away on holiday tomorrow until the 5th march so will think of what to do then.
  21. hey everyone! well i have my 04 face lift ts as some of you know. just under 30k miles 17 rota grids with 215/45 toyo t1r tte bumper and tte exhaust and bc coilovers well basicly had it a year in march tax is due and i have only done 3-4k miles in that year so don't really use it as we have 3 more cars in the family anyway. keep it pay that tax and insurance for another year? 215 tax 1400 insurance as am only 19, 20 in march. so should i sell it the way it is? put back to standard sell the parts on it? any idea what it would be worth if i did go to sell it? so i other words i dont know what i should do and would like some input, love the car to bits and makes me smile ear to ear every time i am in it.
  22. Optima yellow top is a good choice will run the w6 good :) i also want to get one for my car at some point. as for size just get the closest one to the one you currently have and make it fit
  23. looking very tidy. i want to get my windows tinted at something but cant be bothered to take my car down to Aberdeen to get it done :/
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