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  1. It doesn't smell of oil it smells like very rich mixture like the choke is on full... And if I put it in gear and Ali the clutch as I start it up to reduce revs it doesn't smoke .... Is it a rich setting fault ?
  2. I have a 1998 rav4 GX petrol. Owned since new. 120,000 on the clock.... When its been stood for a day or so ( flat cold etc) it smokes initially on start up. Not an oily smell...but smells like its running really rich...like and old manual choke on full etc......not burning any oil. It doesn't do this when I have it in gear and slip the clutch on start up to reduce the revs...... This only happens when the engine is flat cold. Also it sometimes races when hot.......so I remove the electrical connector( I think ) to the throttle position sensor then reconnect it returns to normal idle. Get 350
  3. I have a 1998 gx 5 door petrol fitted with a toyota / Brink non detachable tow bar about 10 years ago... Mostly towed large trailers And had no issues. Just bought a caravan and noted that not only does it need an Alko compliant tow ball but the tow ball is quite low.... Have read several posts regarding this and wonder if anyone has done any mods on this age of vehicle and type of tow bar... 120,000 mile Nd stills pulls like a train, no oil burning and still looking like new !! Thanks in advance, Simon.
  4. i wonder if anyone else has had the same / similar problem with water ingress??
  5. a job for next year then ? :lol: ha ha...sunny here at the moment.but freezing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i think that i will have to wait for some good dry weather..then remove the wing liners and get the torch out.....
  7. no sill protectors, no side steps and definitely door not filling with water. Will check the door trim. It is fitted with toyota mudflaps from new. I have a feeling that there may be a grommet type whatsit on the sill and the water may be entering from there but cant be sure.... be careful in the snow....i went sideways in the ice this morning on the way to work ( at work now !! ) cheers for now simon
  8. the last time i looked it was dry inside. There seems a hell of an amount of water running out of the sill for it to be drips. It can happen when i have washed it. could there be a grommet of some sort in the sill at the point where it joins the wing>>havent had chance to get the wing liner off yet....seems strange that it happens onl when the car is on a level surface or facingv uphill??
  9. i think that the water is supposed to run behind the wheel arch liner, water drains away from the ''scuttle'' ( where the wiper mechanism is ) and inside the liner to the outside.....
  10. cheers for that....my thoughts are that they may be a grommet on the sill which may be allowing water from the drain ( inside wing liner ) into the sill -- ie - tracking down etc.. thanks again simon
  11. if it is parked on a slope - bonnet facing down the slope - No problems. if it is on the flat or bonnet facing uphill - lots of water etc simon
  12. if it is parked on a slope - bonnet facing down the slope - No problems. if it is on the flat or bonnet facing uphill - lots of water etc simon Can you clarify the arrangement of your drive and how you park - it seems as if you have a slope somewhere. Do you park on the slope and if so, facing up or downhill? Does the water appear to collect when parked, when driving or both?
  13. I have run water over the screen and down through the grille below the wipers...the water runs out of the bottom drain in the sill .but it sounds like it is also running into the inside of the sill. There is no water under the carpet or in the footwell. when i set of onthe level it runs out like a river....the passenger side is normal....
  14. 1998 rav4 gx 5 dr...with tilt and slide sunroof...I had major problems last year with a leaking windscren which was eventually fixed ( autoglass bodge sorted out by local toyota independent who i think bodged it but anyway it doesnt leak!! ) In recent months I have noticed that a great deal of water comes out of the sill drain on the drivers side ( same side on the windscreen leak ) after the car has been stood on drive ( level ) when it has rained. The other day i free wheeled down the drive, engine off , and could hear water ''sloshing'' ....i pulled up onthe driveway slope and saw water
  15. its the plastic clip that holds the cable has snapped off...use a plastic cable tie x 2 to hold it...works on mine i had the same problem.
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