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  1. Happy Birthday dan_daniel!

  2. Any more info on that? Would like to know where to find the plug! Hope you dont issue a law suit to Dan_Daniel should the above action fail and you leave your keys in the car Kingo How to forget the keys in the car when is supposed to want to lock the car with the keys after leaving it ?? Speed_chaser, you will get it soon on pm as you are the only one interested. I hope you don't sue me for that.
  3. No, i didn't cover the airbag, just be careful not to touch it. Good luck and don't be afraid, its easier than you think. PS: have you consider that instead change that panel to cover it with leather or carbon foil? regards, dan
  4. Leaving you key in ignition and having door open: that could be very annoying. Fortunately can be disabled: its a small 2 wire plug called keysense on key cylinder that you have to remove.
  5. Sorry for wrong info. Tavy you are very good! About A pillars removal: i done it twice. All you have to do is twist the clip trim retainer with long nose pliers.
  6. Its not the panel, its the dash itself. I think its very difficult to do it. Why do you want to remove it? Could be another way to go underneath. regards, dan
  7. If you really want one, take into account that many remote start alarms like Viper have a turbo timer included. I just installed Viper 781xp which is great. I mean why should you pay for a turbo timer when you can buy a remote start system with a turbo timer included for the same amount of money? Your choice.
  8. What do you mean by resetting stock springs? How this can be done? Seems like the best solution for lowering car without compromise the comfort. Thanks
  9. Seems that i need PZ439-E9723-00 for my car (1.4 diesel), now you have PZ439-E9722-00, which is the diference between them? Do they fit on my car? Thanks.
  10. I am verry tempted to do it also, my main concern is about ride quality. I don`t like suspension to be much harder but i want a bit lowered car. Please share here your impressions. Thanks.
  11. I have a 1.6 dual vvti with mmt ..... i think it is a 1ZR - FE. I know on the yaris it is the pink/white wire behind the speedo and apparently on the hi lux and avensis it is a violet/red wire. I might just end up fitting it without the speed pulse, but i would like to if possible. Seems to be the same for 1ZR, it´s the purple wire, pin no 36. Here is the schematic diagram for your engine. CC_1ZR.pdf
  12. It´s pin no 36 (purple wire) on combination meter connector. Here is the diagram for you: Could be the same for all engine types but i have to check. CC_1AD.pdf
  13. that seems to be for corolla and don´t fit on auris, the one kin posted seems very interesting.
  14. what engine are we talking about?
  15. You`re so right, the ECU connector for 1ND-TV looks like this: If someone could tell us the meaning of each pin on the 1ND-TV engine ECU would be so great.