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  1. Regarding the smell - mine comes and goes but it’s only when I have the heat on and have the air come from outside ie not recirculating the air in the cabin - it’s proper fume type smell can’t be mistaken for anything outside
  2. Mmmm I thought it’d be the same - I’m planning on pulling the injector out quick clean and just replacing the seals hopefully that’ll be the end of it- you can see on my video blatantly which one it is.
  3. Out also have deisel / exhaust type smell coming in from the air vents 🥴 - that’s another symptom
  4. Ha ha! Don’t get too happy, the engine cover muffles a lot of the noise so yours is prob just as bad! Lol Me thinks it’s the injector seals! If you take your cover off, you should see diesel splattered around one of them and that’s your problem one! Apparently there is a copper seal that fails 😩 Good thing this engine is used in various other models as well as the Lexus! Loadsa people write up about it!
  5. Oh man mines literally just started making the same noise - vid here under the engine cover (if it loads correctly?) Anyone have an idea what it is? Mine is a 57reg t180 with 122 on the clock F76F887D-6B69-4A6F-A1EC-A976FCBFBB65.MOV
  6. Good spot! There were 2 pin type springs on either pad that I removed in the hope that would magically release the pins lol needless to say that didn't work!
  7. Thanks for the comments, splitting the caliper is a no no! There is a bolt that appears to be seized.. I never thought about knocking the pins out.. I gave them a quick tug with some pliers but that wasn't working. Will give it another try. The car car is a 03 corolla verso, I had a 03 corolla before this and the brakes were so much easier to change 😳
  8. I agree with that bit, but how do I get them off?
  9. It's like the carrier and calliper are one piece
  10. Hi all im just changing rear brake pads - i had a quick look to see its the same as a normal corolla, but the verso seems to have 2 pins that hold the pads to the carrier... Ive not seen this before normally its 2 bolts for the carrier and you can move it away from the disk?! Wish i had taken a picture of it now.... Any suggestions? Im unsure how to take the pads off. t hanks in advance.
  11. Lol NA by "T" i mean the VVTLI T SPORT model the rev range is different on them... youve got a 1.6 t3, your good to put any 1.4/1.6 clocks.. is corolla a face lift one??? what year is it?
  12. 2 things... the t sport clocks are different to the 1.4/1.6, so bear that in mind when buying... and the only other issue is you will have is changing the mileage as this is stored on the clocks.
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