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  1. Happy Birthday LAA69!

  2. Yes but still on the car, not for sale at moment cheers. Soz not been on here since last year. Wheels still available?
  3. 85k pffffft as i said, 113k and still hits lift perfectly, just check and change oil regularly. Ah yes and the fan speed button, mine does the same, have to push the speed up button a bit harder than speed down, still works though. Gratz on the purchase.
  4. Ok thread title is mis-leading, not the topic i thought it was going to be......
  5. I have a 53 plate PFL on 113k, owned for 5 years, had 1 issue with it which was a new heater matrix at 90k, apparently a commonish issue so be sure to check the climate works fully. Other than that it has been the most reliable, best all round car i have ever owned and will be sorry to see it go when i move on hopefully next year. Some people say they use a lot of oil but i have not experienced this, it has just recently flown through another MOT. Oh one other common issue is the driver side window can become loose/rattley, i assume it can happen all round but the driver side gets used most. All in all a great car from my experience apart from Toyota prices, but hey trips there are uncommon. Good luck.
  6. Never managed to get more than 300 miles a tank when in every day use even driving conservatively, only ever exceed this when on a long run motorway only. Realistically expect sub 300 miles.
  7. I dont recall advertising a TTE backbox on this thread? Wheels yes?
  8. Chris, thanks for the offer but i will be selling my T-Sport soon.
  9. All a result of the unwanted EU emission laws, you can blame our beloved worthless governments for handing pretty much eveything over to the eurocrats for back handers. But lets not forget the Tree Huggers, they have their part to play in the explosive train that is "GREEN", stick GREEN up yer A55 wasters. Peace out......
  10. Is this thread even still alive? There has no response from Ash on any queries. Incase you do decide to respond, how much for Off side door mirror glass?
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