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  1. Hello to all on the forum, 

    I would just like to say I have been missing from the forum for a while due to getting cancer again ... this time around its Bowel cancer, hopefully sorted, Prostate cancer T3 with on going treatment and a Renal cell tumour in my Pancreas being monitored.

    I still have the 2.2 d4d Avensis and the Yaris SR Nav and have had no problems apart from batteries on both.

    Regards, Pete.

    1. Thermal


      Hi Pete,


      Good to see that you are still around!

      I wish you a full recovery and then resume life to the max.


      I've been away from the forum as well, but for reason that my Avensis just did what it was supposed to do: doing uneventful kilometres and only stopping occasionally for petrol. Great car.


      That said, I recently sold my Avensis.

      To replace it, I ordered a new RAV4 Hybrid AWD to be delivered by the end of July. I hope it will be as reliable as its predecessor. I just cannot wait any longer for hydrogen cars and infrastructure to mature and decided to go Hybrid instead. All electric is no option for me.

      So, I will move over to the 2019 RAV4 forum, but will keep lurking here from time to time and help where/if I can. I always found the Avensis forum very informative, partly thanks to your contributions.

      Best regards, and wish you all the best Pete.

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