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  1. Cheers mate, you need a tool like this it fits on to the wheel studs then you put the wheel nuts on and use the slide hammer part and its off in 5 seconds, I made this tool years ago to remove Ford Escort half shafts , I think yours will have to be done eventually. The other thing to be aware of is its a bit fiddly to get the ABS plug off the back of the hub when youre working on the car at floor level, on a ramp it will be easy.
  2. I 100% agree with the info others have given.
  3. Just a quick hello to all that may remember me from a while back, Ive not been on here due to serious illness ..... ie the Big C I still have the same 2 cars as my profile, I will try and get back on here when I can soon. Regards Pete.
  4. Hi Marc, the only thing I can remember about this is a plug in black box as the ECU cannot be modified.
  5. Hello again everyone not been on here for quite some time due to serious illness. Anyway has anyone had to change a rear wheel bearing on a 2009 Yaris SR, I had to do my wifes a couple of weeks ago. It involves changing the complete rear hub which includes the ABS sensor, the job is pretty straight forward if like me you have a large slide hammer which I still had from my Escort Mexico days and was used to remove the rear half shafts The reason Im asking is ours failed at 21,500 miles and just wondered if this is normal, I wouldnt have thought so myself. I contacted Toyota and they wanted £250.00, each! I sourced a Blueprint one for £90.00 and its working fine. Regards Pete.
  6. Hello to all on the forum, 

    I would just like to say I have been missing from the forum for a while due to getting cancer again ... this time around its Bowel cancer, hopefully sorted, Prostate cancer T3 with on going treatment and a Renal cell tumour in my Pancreas being monitored.

    I still have the 2.2 d4d Avensis and the Yaris SR Nav and have had no problems apart from batteries on both.

    Regards, Pete.

    1. Thermal


      Hi Pete,


      Good to see that you are still around!

      I wish you a full recovery and then resume life to the max.


      I've been away from the forum as well, but for reason that my Avensis just did what it was supposed to do: doing uneventful kilometres and only stopping occasionally for petrol. Great car.


      That said, I recently sold my Avensis.

      To replace it, I ordered a new RAV4 Hybrid AWD to be delivered by the end of July. I hope it will be as reliable as its predecessor. I just cannot wait any longer for hydrogen cars and infrastructure to mature and decided to go Hybrid instead. All electric is no option for me.

      So, I will move over to the 2019 RAV4 forum, but will keep lurking here from time to time and help where/if I can. I always found the Avensis forum very informative, partly thanks to your contributions.

      Best regards, and wish you all the best Pete.

  7. Well done pal, hope it serves you well for years Regards Pete.
  8. That's great Aldo glad you got it sorted out Got to be off again now trying to advertise an old wood turning lathe to sell on the web ☺ Regards Pete
  9. Yes Scott just tried it again myself. Happy New Year to all, sorry I don't get on here much these days. Both our 2009 Yaris and 2007 Avensis flew through the MOT again yesterday without a single problem from new (MOT wise) just normal service parts , they both look and feel as good as new. Kindest regards, Pete
  10. We are always happy to help Karez . Regards Pete.
  11. Thanks again everyone, now I'm armed with all the good advice from you guys I wiil go forward with it but it will have to wait until next week as I have just come out of hospital after having under gone a spinal disc removal and fusion done to my lower neck so I won't drive for a few days ...... but worst of all No Cycling for at least 6 weeks Regards, Pete.
  12. Thanks everyone, I have been authorised by the very nice people at Toyota insurance to have my windscreen replaced at a Toyota dealership and that makes me a lot happier and Mike ...... I don't do second best lol. Regards Pete
  13. Hello again after a forum break, I have my car insured with Toyota, has anyone any comments to make on having a windscreen replaced on an Avensis T25 T-spirit 2007, I think I would prefer a genuine Toyota screen supplied by my local dealership rather than some glass company and yes I realise that a glass company will/may come to the dealership to fit it. I just seem to remember sometime ago a couple of members may have had problems with glass companies supplying screens that did not fit correctly OR had problems with the electronic bits and pieces mounted on the screen. Thanks in advance, Pete.
  14. Sorry for the delay mate, don't get on here much these days, yes its Decuma grey and for anyone ordering reversing sensors off ebay the Iron grey ones are a near perfect match but dont buy that colour for spraying on bodywork :-). By the way the TNS 310 satnav is garbage, a monochrome disply and does not support post codes, the audio side does play mp3 data cd's and it will take up to 6 discs in the slot. Regards Pete.
  15. Its the TNS 310 system and the dvd drive is under the passenger seat accessed from the back, my car has the same fitted. Pete.
  16. Toyota should repair it for free as 2012 models came with a 5 year warranty.
  17. Don't assume that the TRC/VSC fault light is due to a fault with the TRC/VSC this can be caused by a faulty/dirty egr valve on the diesel engine, when the engine won't respond correctly to instructions from the ecu it goes into limp mode and will put the TRC light on so check the egr valve first. Pete.
  18. Forget the Easystart Joe, it wont help. I hope I'm wrong but the ecu may be at fault. Pete.
  19. Sounds like the battery to me and those fault codes wouldn't cause this fault. Pete.
  20. Under most driving conditions brake disc/rotor warping is a myth, the vibration you feel back through the pedal in most cases is caused by the pad friction material being transfered onto the rotor. The only way to get over this is to fit matching discs and pads, you may be able to get these from a motor factors but the best way is to fit genuine and in this case Toyota parts. In most cases fitting parts from other suppliers will or may be ok, we have all done it and got away with it but fitting two sets can be more expensive than fitting one genuine set. Also when replacing the new discs make sure the face of the hub is clean where it mates up with the back of the disc along with where the back of the road wheel bolts on to the front face of the disc and then torque the wheel bolts up correctly. Pete.
  21. Some say Brains SA is snake oil as it turns some men into Cobras .............. :-)).
  22. Thanks for the replies chaps I guess he will have to live with it.
  23. A friend of mine has a 2008 Auris 1.6 petrol, he tells me when lifting his foot off the accelerator pedal to change gear the revs rise rapidly before falling again and before it does fall he has changed gear so the gear change is not smooth. He reported this to the Toyota dealer at the last service but they said this is normal with this Auris model, can anyone confirm this is normal as it doesn't seem right to me either. The car is due for its next service soon so he would like some info about it before he speaks to them. Pete.
  24. You could try putting some additive like Forte or BG in the tank, disconnect the battery negative for a while (to clear the fault code) or use the ELM327, then get the engine really hot and go out for a fast drive in lower gears at high revs as this can clean the crud off the sensors. Driving the car on short trips on just a warm engine in traffic can cause your problem so the odd Italian tuneup can help to prevent/cure this. Pete.
  25. Does the alarm stop if you turn on the ignition.
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