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  1. I've got 4 or 5 tools for !Removed! the calipers in if anyone needs any. I've met Carlos too, he bought one of my clamping delimiters, top bloke.
  2. That was millentubby. He used lights from a Puma IIRC but when you take them out of the ford housing they have holes in the sides and the cola cans are just the right size. On the Rev 6 lights front, you're welcome to come over and see ours and I'll give you the full run down on how they fit. Not hard to put in but not easy to put them in right, just takes a bit of care and attention.
  3. I thought the celica and the mr2 boxes were the same apart from the change linkage mounts. I would have thought you could just aquire that bit.
  4. I do believe that legally the sidelights must be on to use the front fogs, and this is the way that UK and JDM cars are wired. Why would you want the front fogs to be on with no other lights? Or maybe you're planning using your two as a getaway car and don't want the coppers to see your taillights :P
  5. Sounds like a JDM Annie to me. They were ten years old in 1995 in Japan. It is rarish, but deffo not the only one in the UK. They were similar to the UK annies but didn't have as many toys.
  6. Another little secret, the 158bhp model is quicker 0-60 than the 174bhp model by about a half second, due to better torque and weight/gearing advantages. The 174 bhp is a couple of mph better flat out.
  7. The transformer is an inverter that takes 12 volts DC and converts it to 70 volts AC. Most of the dial onoes give out 100 volts AC and can kill the badge. Considering that one of these went for over $700 US on the american ebay you don't want to kill it. If you get in touch with PeterGUK (Peter Gidden) over on MR2OC he'll point you in the direction where he bought his from (Farnells in Leeds IIRC). IIRC it was he who sold the one for $700.
  8. The rev 1 is actually the best handling of the lot. The cars suspension was developed by a racing driver and proved to be very capable on the track. Unfortunately this meant that because the handling was much sharper, the skill level needed to drive it properly was much higher. The problem is that the transition from gripping to sliding is abrupt and there isn't a lot of warning because the back end is so taut. When Toyota changed the suspension, they fitted larger wheels for improved comfort and ride, larger brakes as the original ones weren't up to the same standard as the rest of the car they also lowered the car to get the centre of gravity closer to the road. The biggest change was in the rear suspension, which was altered by changing the lengths of the trailing arms to stop the car squatting under acceleration and they made some other changes to tame it and make it less likely to snap away from you. There's nothing wrong with a rev 1, but like in any MR2, you can't drive on a digital throttle, you have to develop some sensitivity. If you go into a bend and nail the throttle, at some point the rear wheels will begin to slip. If you leap off the gas and onto the brake, it will get worse not better. You need to feather the gas to get the road wheels moving at the same speed as the tarmac, so they grip again, which will put you back in control. The wheels will only make you go in the right direction if they're gripping the road, if they're spinning or skidding they don't do jack. I understand that if you want to change the suspension to rev 2 or later, you'll need to change the rear crossmember and all the suspension attached to it.
  9. Stef Derner

    New Boy

    BHP on a rev 4 would be about 174 for an early one or 168ish for a late one with the extra emissions gear. It's not unknown to see 140 to 145mph on the speedo of an N/A. I've heard one guy report 155. Take off 10% for speedo error and you have a real 130 to 135.
  10. Stef Derner

    New Boy

    The Annies were late rev 3 and early rev 4, all made in 1996. They didn't have a black roof, that's the 'Sonic Shadow toning' colour scheme. The Annies came in 'Lucerne Silver' and 'Caribbean Blue'. They had a wood and leather limited edition Momo steering wheel with an engraved serial number plaque and matching gearknob, and the limited edition badges on the ashtray and engine cover. They'll be N or P reg.
  11. Don't worry about it, its perfectly normal. It's just the gasses bubbling out of the cooling sytem. When the engine cools, the pressure in the system will change to a partial vacuum and it will suck in coolant from the overflow tank to automatically top itself up.
  12. None of em. They only had the early 3s-gte and the 2.2 litre 5s-fe. Celicas had the 3s-ge in the gt model so you could possibly find a haynes or similar (or D/L the celica manual). That would add to what you have and cover the engine side of things.
  13. The speed pulse wires are right there on the back of the speedo. If it's rev 2 or later, it's the top left of the screws that hold the speedo into the instrument cluster. This is a 12v signal. Top right screw is a 5v to the ECU signal. On the rev 1 it's the bottom of the two screws to the right of where the speedo cable goes into the unit. This is 5v IIRC, it's been a while since I checked.
  14. Easier at the back of the speedo. If you have a rev 1 you can trace the track from the speedo to the connector. One screw is ground and the other is the signal. The pulses are generated in the speedo on a rev 1. On a rev 2 or later, the speed pulse in (12v) is the top left screw and the speed pulse out to the ECU (5V) is the top right. Why run a cable from the stereo to the ECU when there is already a wire in place?
  15. We've had our turbo for over a year, and I can tell you, the grin will never go.
  16. Stef Derner


    I'd check the plugs first, one or more may have burnt off the electrodes, especially if he put 95 RON in it.
  17. Stef Derner

    Mr2 Fans

    On cars with air conditioning there is a second fan. There should also be a number of connectors for various sensors to do with air con. The standard loom has most of the connectors for the air con system already fitted.
  18. The standard ones are only £20 from the main dealer. Somebody is quoteing you for the one over the engine.
  19. Click here for clamping delimiters for £60
  20. Might be difficult finding an ECU that would cope with the turbo mill and the electronic auto 'box.
  21. At rev 2 the steering geometry was revised, front and rear anti roll bars were stiffened, all cars were lowered by 10mm, front shocks were made harder although spring rates were unchanged and the rearmost lower suspension arm was lengthened by 98mm and the mount lowered to reduce squat under power. Bigger brakes and a shorter clutch movement. Smaller steering wheel.
  22. The motor moves the reflector inside the light unit so it would steer even if held on with string. You can see where the motor mounts at the side of the reflector.
  23. Woody's is a rev 1 T bar with a B something personal plate. He lives near the Texaco on Sutton Road, just around the corner from us. I doubt it would be him if you see it every day as he works in Pinxton and finishes quite early (starts way early too).
  24. Lol, OK I'll wave next time I see you. I'll be on the 'bike though so don't be freaked ;) If a red Corsa turbo with a driving school box on the roof waves at you too, it'll be my missus in the work car, she can't resist waving at twos even when she's not in ours. :D
  25. Like the title says, red MKI with TOC sticker in the back window, on Sutton road, Huthwaite at about 5:30 tonight. I see you often, but normally going up Common Road towards the A38. You wouldn't know me unless you spotted the MR2OC stickers on the black motorbike.
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