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  1. Congrats on the new purchase. The Aygo looks great in White, so I am sure you will love it. Tips? Well, befirend your local albanian car cleaner as you will be paying him £5 quite often to keep your Aygo gleaming and white. ;)
  2. I had this also and unfortunately the problem could not be cured by Mr T long term. After trying then giving up, some wear and mileage seems to have made the rattle subside and only re-occurs when realy cold in the mornings and no one is on the passenger seat. How do I cope the the annoying noise. Well I avoid driving with the radio off or put the ipod on, so don;t notice it much when it does happen. Sorry it's not a better answer but the juddery clutch is more of a concern for me than the rattle so just ignore it..
  3. mmm not keen on the new front end looks. Was not a fan of the new Yaris so it's no suprise I am not overly enthused by this facelift either I suppose. To be honest the facelift has got me curious as I thought the trio was being replaced by an all new trio very soon (Autumn/Winter 2012) so why the facelift again? I mean I already posted about my feelings about the new VW UP and it's 2 cousins, and this facelift has not diminished my feelings/desire to that car over the Aygo next time I am looking to change. Bring out the all new model Toyota! If not beacuse of the VW Up, but also the Kia Picanto which now looks much funkier in comparison.
  4. BlackRumple


    I dunno guys, I would not class myself as an avid Toyota fan so less biased to them, but I still quite like the GT86 even at 25k. Yes it may be beaten at the lights by a souped up corsa but power is nothing without control and thankfully Toyota seem to have got this with direct sharp steering and handling (Well based on what the reviews are saying) and I for one am happy this is the case. Mazda got this with the MX5 and RX7 and they were a hoot to drive with the litle power they had. Moreover, I also heard a more extreme version will be on its way but losing none of the sharpness, which may appeal to some of you and certainly does for me. Cannot wait personally and about time as well. May actually find myself dreaming about owning a toyota again! Not done that since the Supra all those years back as a kid.
  5. Hey Guys, Thanks for your replies - certainly some food for thought there! Thinking about it further I am veering to taking all your advice and keeping the Aygo for another year or so and if I still want a VW UP or even the Skoda citygo then get one. That way I avoid being the early adoptor suffering early glitches but also keep some money in the bank in case my circumstances change which does happen a lot being an IT contractor. I actually saw that Fifth gear feature on telly too, but thought nah i prefer the Skoda and VW in looks. The Seat version looked like the Arosa and not that special. Loved the features like the emergency stop tho! Also not a fan of Jonny on that program. He just annoys me and has a face i want to slap. Red diesel - I would not class myself as anti Fiat per se, however I gave Fiat a chance when I wanted to get a 500 instead of the Aygo and never again. The dealers near me have not changed since the 80's so are still terrible. They even charge £200ish to perform a 1st year service on the 1.2 FIRE engine which is not exactly a new engine to Fiat. They esentially fitted the same unit to the Uno back in the day. Anyway I paid a deposit for the 500, had the car ordered and had finance sorted, only to get phone call day before collection telling me they made a boo boo on the finance and I need to pay another 2k. To top it off, my car was in the showroom for a whole week with kids jumping in and out of it etc, when I specifically said to keep it in the back till March 1st. Suffice to say, I wanted a new car not an ex display model for an additional 2k, so I refused to pay it and they refused to discount. So got my deposit back there and then when I said they breached the contract not me. Shame as I agree the Panda may be quite good. Will keep you posted and will even post a few pics when I do take the plunge in case some of you are thinking the same.
  6. Hey guys/gals, Not really posted on the forums but long time lurker and wondered if you could help me make a decision. My Aygo ownership is coming up to 3 years now and got the letter from Toyota asking me what I should do. Thing is I am not sure! I love my little car but after 3 years with it I kinda want a change but then I am in no rush to get rid either. Now the dilemma is having seen the new VW Up, i hate to admit it, but I have the same excited/curious feeling I had when the Aygo came out i.e. a cool looking small car which is cheap to run but without looking like a cheap skate. B) Not really seen the replacement 2012/13 Aygo yet other than sketches, but hopefully with the VW Up/Skoda CityGo/Seat Mii trio getting great reviews, I am hoping the Toyota/Citroen/Pug trios rise to the occasion. So here is the question: Do I wait and make a decision once the new Aygo comes out (I was told it was Summer 2012), Go for the VW up with those nostalgic VW camper van alloys or just ignore my boredom and enjoy my existing Aygo for another year, reaping the rewards of low cost motoring and slowing depreciation then get something completely different. As we are an objective bunch us Aygo owners, I look forward to your views.
  7. So long as Toyota focussed on how this car drives and used the learnings/great apsects from the Lexus LFA supercar then I may even look at one of these. I agree with the lexus engineer who spents 10 years developing the LFA. 1st priority is drive then performance!! The car better have decent steering and none of this light/lacking feedback stuff you get on the Aygo or Yaris.
  8. It's inspect for the 2nd year service and a recommended extra to replace. Mine was supposedly done for an extra £60 by a Toyota dealer in Luton on it's second service, but I very much doubt it was as the fluid is just as brown in colour as it was before rather than clear/yellow and the wheels were not touched. Personally I would not bother paying extra in getting it done if the car is only 2 years old, but the choice is yours.
  9. The reason sunroofs are no longer available on new cars is because there is not much demand for them although this is changing recently with panoramic roofs etc. As for me, I hate the damn things and avoid them at all costs. I think this comes from my experiences with my Renault Clio (Yes I know - I was young and it was a car I could afford )where it constantly rattled in cold weather, made strange dribbling sounds when raining alike to someone peeing in the toilet, and in some cases leaked. Thankfully my Aygo never suffered any problems with leaks, but I suspect the car would have been even more partial to letting water inside if it had a sunroof.
  10. I did have a similar issue on my mums 107 which is an MMT. Thought the car was faulty, but then worked out I was not pressing the brake pedal when attempting to start the car so felt a little silly to be honest.
  11. Hi everyone... me again... Well a lot has happened since I posted that post. After finding the leak for them, I had to wait a week or so then I got a phone call from the Toyota garage saying that Toyota GB are investigating the car and they had established that the car only leaked at a 10 degrees nose up attitude,(our drive being a perfect 10' angle) not leaking at 8 or 11 degrees but 10' and it was something to do with the water flow going down the skuttle drain, Anyway they wanted the garage to drill off the welds and remove the box section that is welded to the bulkhead and the floor pan,then re-weld and paint then hand it back....To which I said err NO!!! "If they would like to do it to their own car then they best get me a new one!!!" So after 2 weeks of waiting the Toyota garage has been onto Toyota GB and asked for a replacement car and I quickly phoned up and told them I dont want another Aygo, I want my money back.. So 2 weeks later we dropped off the loaner yaris and picked up the cheque for the full amount of what we paid back in January..What a result!!!!! So now I am looking at buying a mini or a civic (which I was gonna buy in the 1st place) and maybe something that can hopefully keep the water out!!! Remember 10 degrees (with iphone 'ihandy level app' on the sill) nose uphill = wet car.... Lets just hope it is a one off!! All the best burgo :group-cuddles: Glad you got your money back and sad you got put off by the Aygo but I do not blame you. Make sure you get a hefty discount on the civic mind...that car has been out for a number of years now and a replacement is due in a few months time. My friend had the Civic when it first came out and it's a very nice car. Most of the niggles with it should be resolved, but these were the ones I was aware of when he visited the Civic forums (Copied from there) and to watch out for when collecting: "On collection of a new car - here are some known faults that you may want to test/check in addition to the stuff you'd check on any new car: Rear shocks Early cars made a "clonking" noise from the rear, caused by a batch of faulty shocks. A test drive will highlight this, but then the dealer should have just checked it. Ask the dealer if it has the fault - that should throw him! Fuel filler cap The cap on some cars doesn't open when you pull the lever. Pull the lever (by the drivers feet) once to check the cap opens. Radio problems As you arrive in your old car, tune a station that is of marginal, but just-ok reception. When you get into the Civic, tune the same frequency and check the reception is acceptable. There have been reports of poor reception. Cigarette lighter Pull the cig lighter out a few times and make sure the socket doesn't come out too. Gear stick Check it's screwed on. Handbrake light Check it goes on and off with the handbrake. Door fit Check the doors are aligned correctly. The stripe down the middle part of the door should line up with the stripe on the front wing and the stripe on the rear door. Headlights fouling bumper Check the bottom of the headlights are not touching the bumper (may rub causing paint to come off). Missing clips Have a look at the centre console down at floor level near your feet. There should be 2 clips on each side - these can pop out and go missing. Reversing aids If you've had dealer-installed accessories fitted, check for scratches all around the rear-centre console, the centre console, the gearchange and inside the tailgate. Rear lights Fog light not connected, best to check all lights working. Scratches on the dash The dash is very shiny and very prone to getting scratched. Check under good lighting conditions the black plastic around the instrument console and the perspex instrument cover." Good luck and keep in touch!
  12. That right! For what must be the 4th time running, the Aygo has been voted the most satisfying car to own in the JD power survey published in Whatcar this month. http://www.whatcar.com/car-news/jd-power-survey-2011/city-car-winner/257096 It's an even sweeter victory because it beat the Fiat 500, whose owners have the rose tinted spectacles on and on avarage pay around 12.5k for one new. I know because I was very close to buying one instead of an Aygo, but an incompetent dealer put a stop to that...and thank god. For those who own the Aygo's french cousins the news is not so good. Having said that it mainly down to the dealers and the service. As to those who considered the new Ford KA or like me loved the old one back in the day, you will be sad to not perhaps unsuprisingly that it's rubbish! No really.....it is! Judging by this it's no wonder i do not see that many on the road.
  13. I have to admit I do not drive my Aygo economically but i do get around 47 mpg. However this is improving as the mileage/age increases so its all positive. The 60mpg is achievable as some have mentioned, but it will also be easier to acheive once the car has some massive mileage on it.
  14. Hey MissLB - Congrats on the new Aygo purchase! I know this is a an Aygo forum and there is a tad of bias, but the Aygo really is a funky car, so hope you love it as much as we all do! Carbon Quartz was my 2nd choice and is a fab colour. Only the Black was such a good deal I could not say no. I got the heavy sell for the GAP insurance too, and for some people they swear by it, but I am not convinced personally. I have covered this before so won't go into it right now. However if you do go for it, one thing people always forget is that the GAP insurace provider must agree with the valuation of your car by your own insurance company. If they differ, I have heard people still being short changed. And before you ask, the insurers don't or won't speak to the Gap insurer to agree a valuation - so you have be mediator banging their heads together. Another point to consider is that should you write your car off in the first year, most insurance policies will replace Old for new - unless you are crazy and want something else. Therefore imho, the GAP insurance is worthless in the first year. Those are my thoughts anyway and I am sure others will no doubt disagree with me. In the meantime, welcome to the forum and remember to post some pics of the little un when you get it.
  15. Firstly welcome to the forum and congrats on the new purchase. I concur with others tho. Please put some pics of the car when you get it please? The green Aygo is quite a rare species, in fact I have never seen one in the UK ever. Wonder if you will be the only one? Anyway looking forward to seeing the green!
  16. Slightly off topic, but I am liking your wheels. They really suit the car in an understated way.
  17. If you like it then that is all that matters to be honest. However I am not keen on it myself. It just looks wrong/out of tune with the rest of the car. Besides, the Aygo is such a car that if treads a very fine line of having a spoiler and looking good or looking like a car sized shopping trolley or pram.
  18. I would take this back to Toyota to be honest. I had a similar issue to my BMW a few years back and it turned out to be a faulty lambda sensor which was the reason for the constant stalling. Like I said in an earlier post, the reverse gear issue is also present in my car (from day 1 with less than 10 miles on the clock) and all the Aygo's I have driven. It's a pain, but apparently its just the way the gearbox/clutch are.
  19. I will try to answer these to best that i know. 1) For that kind of money you could expect a 3-4 year old model with average mileage (based on 12k a year) but this of course depends on which spec you get. Well this is what I have seen looking 2nd hand prices. 2) No downsides as such, however it is really recommended you test drive the MMT box first. Some people expect the car to drive like a full auto which it does not. 3) Only recall was that from last year which modified the accelerator pedal. Best check with Toyota if this was carried out or if the perspective car was affected. 4) Options - Well air con is definately a bonus and is desirable especially 2nd hand. There is the appearance enhancing options such as alloys, moulding strips etc but these are not essential per se and really is down to you. Other than this thats about it, as the Aygo does not come with many options when new. Hope that helps.
  20. Doh! You're right. Clearly did not read the original post correctly.
  21. Congrats on the new purchase! At this rate you will be having a mini car meet up all by yourself.... ;)
  22. Agree with AygoIronMan. The wiper you are looking at is only 13" long in length which will be very small for the the front wiper. To replace the front wiper, it will need to be 26 inches in length.
  23. You buy a new car on Saturday for £8000. You write it off on Monday. Then, is a "used" vehicle. It's purchase price also included the dealers profit. It is actually "worth" £6000. That's what your insurance company will value it at. GAP insurance "Guaranteed Asset Protection" I believe. You take out an extra insurance policy that in effect insures for the £2000 you would have lost if the vehicle is wrote off. Usually only available on brand new cars (I think) ONLY for the 1st 3 years. Your Insurance covers the £6000, GAP pays you £2000. Ian. (Rough idea only, somebody may have more details) Of course, in theory that sounds great, but delve a little deeper and you will find car insurers such as Direct line will replace the car old for new, if the car is less than year old anyway, unless of course you want something else. How do i know this...well my dad wrote his brand new car off a years back and got a brand new exact replacement. I know people swear by gap insurance, however I find it difficult to understand why i should pay twice to insure my car. In some years time if this trend continues, there will soon be insurance for my insurance. So Gap insurance to cover the shortfall for the gap insurance and the insurance which in turn covers the shortfall from the original insurance payout.
  24. Of course, another option is this.... Problem solved ;)
  25. Have the problem with Reverse gear since day 1. In fact the car had only done 12 miles and it was already giving me flack by refusing to go into Reverse without double clutching it. Had no problems with the other gears unless the car has not been driven for a while. Only when firing up mind and it's 1st gear which can be a bit notchy to get into. Occurs very rarely and once in, it's back to normal.
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