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  1. Thanks for explaining the site's policy. It might be A Good Idea to explictly mention this in the Ts and Cs (i.e. before people join up). Clearly this is not the place for me.
  2. Trying to understand what's going on. Have posted a thread recently that has disappeared. It mentioned another forum (Corolla specific), a forum whose name was automatically replaced the name with "TOC!" by this forum's software. I just reread the forum Ts and Cs and can see no rule that this infringes, so it can't be over-active moderation. Any ideas?
  3. Same/similar fault hit my '09 Aygo at just 1000m (earlier this year, haven't logged in for a while). One day it was hard to start on a couple of trips. Next day it just would not start at all. RAC was called out and the chap lifted the rear seat and did something to the fuel thingy at the top of the tank which allowed the car to start. That got me to Toyota where some integrated fuel pump/etc was diagnosed and replaced - naturally that was done under warranty. Toyota (Ipswich) seemed genuinely surprised about it.
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