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  1. Happy Birthday MSI64!

  2. Thanks for the advice guys will look into it.
  3. Am going away for six months (not prison) and am wondering what to do with my Aygo? Have come up with a few options but thought I might as well ask on here. Do I disconnect the battery and lock it in a garage for six months?? would I need to do anything else to it? or do I sell it and replace it when I get back, its a 57 plate with average mileage, just a bit afraid I wont get much for it and then there is the hassle of buying when I get back. Anyone done this type of thing before all advice greatly recieved. Cheers MSI64
  4. I filled up this morning before my trip back from Blackpool, filled it to the brim.Set off home, mostly Motorway driving for me. I got a little concerned when I hit 100 miles done and the first Blob still hadnt gone. I got another 18 miles out of it before my first blob went??? A 118 miles was worried myfuel gauge wasnt working. Im a bit heavy footed as well and had the AC at times. Im guessing there must be a lot of space after the tank says its full??
  5. Ok someone help me!! Have been away for five weeks on Holiday, came back and jumped in my car and suddenly my bluetooth is talking to me in Spanish???????????????? So dug out my Bluetooth booklet and found all my instructions are in Russian, Spanish, German and something else? How do I get my English Bletooth back????
  6. 531 miles from reserve tank to reserve tank. no idea of the mpg but was well chuffed with it
  7. I didnt do the service the garage did, it says I need new discs and pads and a new wheel bearing. I couldnt feel any judder when braking.
  8. Sent my Aygo for its first MOT the other day and it failed spectacularly. Brake judder apparently so its 414 quid to get it fixed!!!! Also my front lights are not set correctly. Thing is I got her fully serviced in July by the same garage, I find it wierd that the brakes are wrecked in just six months?? Is this unusual to anyone else??? should I be looking at another garage for a second opinion? By the way I have done 2000 miles in that six months so could it be wear and tear?
  9. Will be selling my baby just after Christmas, Am going away for six months and we are a two car family so it wont be needed. Shame as I love my car. Not sure how much it will go for but she has to go!!!
  10. Paid 129 quid for my 40,000 mile service.
  11. Just had my little baby serviced 129 quid and 40 quid to rebalance my steering. Now it was a small back street garage but by heck did they do a good job. Handbrake tightened feels like new, brakes sorted out and rebalanced realigned. It is like running a brand new car I love it!
  12. I know how you feel. Grantham to Blackpool and back average of 63MPG, I love my Aygo!!!!
  13. If I get a promotion at work and do six months in a sandy place then its a brand new Landrover for me. thats the wifes promise.
  14. Just checked online and my dealer is quoting £169 for a full service including collection and delivery from my home. Have also seen a similair car online with double the milage of mine sat at £6000. a good morning all round
  15. Mine is a 57 plate and has 37000 miles on the clock
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