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  1. Hi All !

    Has you may have read, i bought a Rav4.1 around a month ago and pretty happy with the car which is on a 98 plate.

    Been driving it now , and beginning to find the handling very wayward and sloopy. i bought a set of Insa turbo 50/50 offroad/road tyres so that is going to contribute to the handling i know, and found out the shocks are slightly misting Oil, so i'm in need of four shocks as it seems to be very sloopy as said.

    So anyone know where i can get some good shocks at a reasonable price ? any club discounts etc. rather a branded name monroe/bilstein etc.

    thanks Dyers

  2. So help me out by here

    I'm driving along with slight snow fall driving normal in 4wd, when suddenly the snow gets alot heavier making driving alot trickier !

    wot do i do , carry on driving slow and pressing the diff lock button ? or just carry driving as norm . or pull over and engage the diff lock button ?

    getting a bit confused here :g:

  3. Hi all !

    Forgive me for this one as i don't really know what this button does .

    I have just bought a Rav4.1 ready for the winter, i know it is permanant 4wd yeah , what does the button do when pressed in the centre of the dash with a line with four wheels . some one said it's the diff- lock .

    I havn't a user manual , so if someone could enlighten me , and if it is the diff - lock what purpose does this do for the car, can it be operated at speed or press it when your stationary etc.

    sorry for the niavity, just want to know before the weather starts and get it right !

  4. Hi All !

    Does anyone know where i can get a tidy Bull Bar for a 1998 Rav4 , been scouring the web and nothing except 1 on ebay which is around £260 plus postage from poland, honestly it looks terrific , but not paying £300 for a bull bar !

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, much appreciated !

    Diolch Dyers :thumbsup:

  5. No keeping the same rims !

    Just picked up my Rav4 Freesstyle ltd.editions on a 98 plate up from coventry today, with 120k & full service history, body work in very good condition , a few scuffs on the front bumpers(wot u xpect 2 lady owners from new lol) £1200 with 12mth's tax ! doesn't seem too bad .

    It is currently running on 235/60/16's so can i get 245/70/16's AT tyres on these rims ?

  6. Welcome to the club. Kev has experimented with different tyre sizes, maybe he can help?

    Ok thats great thanks !

    Any idea how i can contact Kev , or just search kev on members board.( is there just one kev ! )

  7. Hi All !

    Joined today , so hello to you all

    need some help !

    Firstly my wife as just got a 2ltr xt3 -r on a 05 plate after changing her 1.8nv on a 2000 plate (yes i know,when we bought it we didn't know it was 2wd, how many more people have done the same, even the garage by me didn't know there were 2wd version) and absolutely loves the new car , full spec leather etc. etc.

    Well after the wife having a Rav4 for over 6 years without a gliche, these cars are so reliable, so much so that i've decided to join the club myself lol.

    Firstly i owned a supra for 5 years totally reliable , then after a real bad snow fall 2 years ago decided to trade it in for a 2003 frontera swb ! omg wot a mistake, having it for over 2 years i havn't stopped paying out on it, so unreliable . so this weekend i'm joining the club and getting a Rav4.1 just to get me thro the winter months.

    So the question is at last you all say is, can i fit 245/70/16's AT tyres to my rav as i can get a real good price on these from a guy i know. :g:

    Pics to follow of both Rav's as soon as :)

    thanks Dyers

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