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  1. glad u have posponed the sale, its one amazing machine that u have put a hell of a lot of work into
  2. k-dawwg

    180sx Vs Mr2

    i see a lot of people putting up incorrect information in this thread, the 180sx has the ca20det 2.0 turbo and the 200sx has the ca18det 1.8 turbo, some of you are putting this the wrong way around, my mate has a 180sx running a mines ecu hks stutter valve hks air filter and full hks 3" exhaust back to a 5"/6" bacbox, stock they have 230bhp
  3. dawesy is ur front bumper from the newer rolla? does itfit straight on or is modification needed?
  4. there is a lot of different versions, my mate has the xl saloon his is 89, i had a fx-zs import but jus dumped it after i took what i needed for the xl, there was a 3" hole in the block it was a 1.5 twin cam engine, jap version of the gti
  5. bought this just before i lost the job!!!! its a 1988 corolla xl i am slowly working on the car, so far it has been given a full fx gt interior and dash, jap boot lid and tinted side windows, partially cleaned the engine bay too!!!! i also got actual 50/50 tail lights i have seen a few ppl say they have them when they are still the 75/25 ones!!
  6. i cant find any parts for these cars, i have the e90 model!!! same shape with a 1.3 engine, got the jap boot but want front splitter and sideskirts cant find them:(
  7. k-dawwg

    my ae90

  8. From the album: my ae90

  9. From the album: my ae90

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