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  1. You might be interested in this video. It went up on YouTube just a few days ago. It's American, so the pricing and sourcing details isn't relevant to the UK, but he does very cleary show the process involved in a complete hybrid battery swap. Very watchable! <a>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3RCdrh666w</a> Bah, so long since I've been here I can't recall how to embed a link, but I'm sure you can paste it if someone doesn't fix it for me.
  2. Well, inspired by this thread I've spent some days now researching every angle. There's no getting away from it - I can't make the sums work for me at all, unless I pick a Renault Zoe. In that instance I can save an estimated £140 a month. For that £140 per month I have the delights of charging every few tens of miles, with all the possible drawbacks, the pain of sorting out longer holiday journeys with hire cars or so forth, and of course, the experience-I-swore-to-myself-I'd-never-repeat with Renault dealers and product. I don;t think even that saving is enough to sway me away from where I a
  3. Those numbers are attractive, GC, but I can't find any deals near them at the minute? Where ought I look? Best I can find with a quick Google is £215 on a Leaf, or £189 on a Zoe, both with hefty upfront deposits (and I'm not sure if that includes the Zoe battery either).
  4. I think it looks quite cute, although I appreciate not everyone likes that look. Anyway GC, be really interested to read about a real longer journey - how it works out with planned charging, how long it all takes etc, if you get a chance sometime. I suppose I could join a Nissan forum, if there is one, to find out real world things like that, but that's just yet one more account somewhere for a car I don't actually possess. Not that I possess a Toyota any more either of course.
  5. Ah now, that is interesting. Don't go just yet! When I chopped in my Prius for an Auris I was on the border of going for a Leaf. Nothing to dislike - except for range anxiety. I just couldn't get over the thought it might not get me where I want to, perhaps on a longer run at weekends. And it would make a holiday a LONG journey if you really have to stop every 80 miles and wait about. So I didn't go for it, but still look at them from time to time. Are all your journeys such that you have no anxiety about it?
  6. I had the query about the lights on the steering wheel buttons on my old Prius. From memory, the answer was that each button is in fact subtly different - one had a pip in the middle, one was convex, one concave - and therefore you could tell by touch which you were pressing, once you'd learned that. Don't know if it's the same in a Yaris, but that Toyota "philosophy" may be in that too. Or maybe I'm remembering wrong.
  7. If, as it implies, adaptive radar cruise is now going to be available, then if it gets you down to zero and off again I might be coming back to Toyota. I sold my hybrid Auris last year and bought a Volvo that has exactly that feature. I would miss it really badly on my dreadful commute, plus the motorway - well, everywhere really - but it's never been available on any Toyota. Yet.
  8. I hardly dare put my head above the parapet here, but... The options are what killed my long relationship with Toyota for me. Way back when I had two or three Lexus in succession, there was no issue with options, as everything came with every car. Easy. Then I moved to hybrids - a Prius followed by an Auris. Loved the Prius to bits, but wanted more toys. Not available. Moved to Auris. Wanted toys. Not available. Now have moved to a Volvo, and a diesel at that. Yes, it's costing me more money, no getting away from it. But here's the thing - I now have toys not even available on any Toyota hybr
  9. If I'm ever in a situation where the side airbag goes off, I rather suspect my bottom will be floating too.
  10. Yes indeed, I was only half in jest. It's similar to the old vinyl v digital conversations. But can you imagine - what a selling point. The new Lexus FlipFlop Doodah 3 Hydrogen comes with the wonderful warm sound of a traditional valve radio...
  11. That Princely valve radio is going to sound way better than a modern DAB one, it's true.
  12. Thanks for that - he's Alan Partridge's American cousin, isn't he. That was just a big iPhone and loads of doodah about how to set the radio and change it from centigrade to Fahrenheit though. Nothing about "press this button and it will automatically blindfold you and drive you the Moon whilst grinding the beans and making you a coffee", which is what I really want from my cars.
  13. It's the little stuff isn't it though. I remember being terribly excited when I first had my LS430 and discovered the vents twizzled about to point the air in various places all by themselves! Some tech isn't so good though. The Lane Keep Assist on a Honda Accord frightened the Mrs witless, as it kept very carefully to the LEFT of the lane, not the middle. Use it on a motorway to overtake a lorry and as the passenger she was about three inches from it.
  14. I just wish adaptive cruise was available sensibly (I know it's been in the Prius for a while, but finding a used one is very hard). Anyway, the Toyota Adaptive Cruise, if you ever get one, is pants anyway, as it still cuts out below 25. And even that is not available on any other Toyota model in the UK at all. Bearing in mind even a lowly VW Golf SE at 16 or 17K gets full "down to zero and resume" adaptive cruise as standard now, Toyota ought to be upping their game on that one as a company that does gadgets. You can even spec it for a few hundred on a VW Polo. Perhaps for the next Prius. I
  15. Oh. Well it was new to me. I'll have to try harder! Not sure from memory how the Prius worked with display brightening. Ok, here was another new to me - on all my previous Lexus/Toyota models, the cruise control disabled when you went below 25mph. It then forgot the setting, so if you wanted to resume your speed of say, 60, you had to accelerate up to 60 again and set it. On the Auris, that doesn't happen. It disables at below 25, but once you get over 25 again a resume takes you back to your original cruise speed.
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