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  1. wez_kc

    New Iq In Oct?

    Gosh I got a bit bored reading through all that. No problems here but will see, Toyota realibility is top of the class but they have priced there self out of the market now with the IQ far more car for your money still in a compact package with the up. Just an observation from both sides of the fence I loved my IQ but ereally surprised with the interior quality in the VW. Toyota will have to step there game up or VW will be over taking them well before there 2018 target!
  2. wez_kc

    New Iq In Oct?

    Can't believe the stick the VW UP is getting! Have you actually driven one?? I'm the guy that part ex my IQ and got an UP and I'll be brutally honest the quality and build completely puts the IQ to shame. The IQ was getting too expensive and I did have niggling doubts wether it would be a down grade but they were unfounded the VW up is a fantastic city car and a lot more fit for purpose. To get it in the same league style wise you have to go to the high up trim with sports pack ;) but its a lot better value. I'm not raining on people's parade but the new IQ thread caught my eye and reading the posts about fisher price cars and tacky and I coudnt disagree more. there's a reason it's won so many awards.
  3. All sold now guys! Thanks everyone will be keeping my eye on the forum. Bye for now.
  4. Cool Thanks Sally if you could email me please and we 'll sort it out. My email is wez_kc@me.com cheers.
  5. Wanting a quick sale of the scuff plates guys so will except £50 final price before I go on eBay cheers guys.
  6. Just got aluminium side sills left now guys £60 delivered thanks.
  7. Yes Craig that's them! Cheers for posting a pic I can't do it through my phone going for £60 pal
  8. Right rubber mats have gone now, cheers Si! Got side sills and carpet mats left now guys.
  9. It's not letting me view your profile for some reason my email is wez_kc@me.com send me an email an yeah we will get thy ball rolling haha thanks
  10. Glove bag sold thanks terence! So to let everyone know I have rubber mats full set, carpet mats all except drivers mat (good for spares) and IQ side sills looking at £20 for rubber mats £20 for carpet mats and £60 for side sills. Cheers guys. Ps got my Toyota owners club sticker today :( feel bad going to VW must be Karma as I have lost my car key tonight!!
  11. Hi Si haha yeah I tried posting pictures but don't know how to on iPhone/iPad. I'm wanting £20 for rubber mats delivered let me got alot of intrest on these now cheers guys.
  12. Dark matter - to answer your points yeah there could but the UP is cheaper I got the high spec up with lots of options for cheaper then just a iq2 with new interior. Also it is a good upgrade interior but I was meaning more asthetics like new wheel trims and new front bumper I lv the look of the scion iq and was sure they would roll that look out. But alas no they have brought out decals that IMHO look cheap and tacky on a classy city at like the IQ. Any who I will be keeping my eye on this forum and see what developes in the future.
  13. T1mmy it has balanced out IQ has gone with rate of depriciation and how much I have paying got a good deal with Volkswagen do they taking it off my hands. Sally I could have but warranty expires and if I'm honest I'm tired of the old purple brown interior a bit glum now, they haven't really added anything fresh to the iq and also Toyota haven't tried to keep my custom really not good as I'm 25 an I've had 3 new cars from toyota so it's a shame really.
  14. Thanks for the messages guys keep them coming! Boot Mat has just been sold thanks Craig!
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