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    New Iq In Oct?

    Gosh I got a bit bored reading through all that. No problems here but will see, Toyota realibility is top of the class but they have priced there self out of the market now with the IQ far more car for your money still in a compact package with the up. Just an observation from both sides of the fence I loved my IQ but ereally surprised with the interior quality in the VW. Toyota will have to step there game up or VW will be over taking them well before there 2018 target!
  2. wez_kc

    New Iq In Oct?

    Can't believe the stick the VW UP is getting! Have you actually driven one?? I'm the guy that part ex my IQ and got an UP and I'll be brutally honest the quality and build completely puts the IQ to shame. The IQ was getting too expensive and I did have niggling doubts wether it would be a down grade but they were unfounded the VW up is a fantastic city car and a lot more fit for purpose. To get it in the same league style wise you have to go to the high up trim with sports pack ;) but its a lot better value. I'm not raining on people's parade but the new IQ thread caught my eye and reading the posts about fisher price cars and tacky and I coudnt disagree more. there's a reason it's won so many awards.
  3. All sold now guys! Thanks everyone will be keeping my eye on the forum. Bye for now.
  4. Cool Thanks Sally if you could email me please and we 'll sort it out. My email is wez_kc@me.com cheers.
  5. Wanting a quick sale of the scuff plates guys so will except £50 final price before I go on eBay cheers guys.
  6. Just got aluminium side sills left now guys £60 delivered thanks.
  7. Yes Craig that's them! Cheers for posting a pic I can't do it through my phone going for £60 pal
  8. Right rubber mats have gone now, cheers Si! Got side sills and carpet mats left now guys.
  9. It's not letting me view your profile for some reason my email is wez_kc@me.com send me an email an yeah we will get thy ball rolling haha thanks
  10. Glove bag sold thanks terence! So to let everyone know I have rubber mats full set, carpet mats all except drivers mat (good for spares) and IQ side sills looking at £20 for rubber mats £20 for carpet mats and £60 for side sills. Cheers guys. Ps got my Toyota owners club sticker today :( feel bad going to VW must be Karma as I have lost my car key tonight!!
  11. Hi Si haha yeah I tried posting pictures but don't know how to on iPhone/iPad. I'm wanting £20 for rubber mats delivered let me got alot of intrest on these now cheers guys.
  12. Dark matter - to answer your points yeah there could but the UP is cheaper I got the high spec up with lots of options for cheaper then just a iq2 with new interior. Also it is a good upgrade interior but I was meaning more asthetics like new wheel trims and new front bumper I lv the look of the scion iq and was sure they would roll that look out. But alas no they have brought out decals that IMHO look cheap and tacky on a classy city at like the IQ. Any who I will be keeping my eye on this forum and see what developes in the future.
  13. T1mmy it has balanced out IQ has gone with rate of depriciation and how much I have paying got a good deal with Volkswagen do they taking it off my hands. Sally I could have but warranty expires and if I'm honest I'm tired of the old purple brown interior a bit glum now, they haven't really added anything fresh to the iq and also Toyota haven't tried to keep my custom really not good as I'm 25 an I've had 3 new cars from toyota so it's a shame really.
  14. Thanks for the messages guys keep them coming! Boot Mat has just been sold thanks Craig!
  15. Hi Guys Ive not posted on here for a long time but thought I would let you guys know that I have paid for the option to sell things on here because I have some Geniune Toyota IQ accessorys in mint condition! thought you guys could have first dibs before I go to that famouse auction site! Anyways before that would just like to say how good this furom has been for advice and to any potential owners out there the IQ is a fantastic little car! Cant belive my 3 years are up on the pcp! I wanted another IQ in white but alas they have gone up alot and its too expensive really for me now and Mr T haven't really added anything fresh too it apart from the interior to entice me! I understand it hasnt been a great seller but it is such a shame becuase its a high quality fun economic and eye catching little thing. Ive switched brands as Toyota were trying to get me into a Yaris which is too big for my needs and not stylish enough I'm a little obssessed with the GT86 at the moment but my retail full time job doesnt pay enough (unless i can live in it and live of bread and water haha) so unfortunatly there isnt another car in there range to keep me Loyal i'm afraid. I ordered a volkswagen Up in High Up spec and added some little luxeries to it that i havent had on the IQ but got to say the standard spec is no way as good as the IQ2 there really is alot of big car features in such a tiny car. The UP has got a lot of hype to live up to and will be intresting to see how it compares to the IQ as i think the IQ is massively underated. Anyways thanks again for been there when ive needed advice and for posting pictures which have been a good source of inspiration. I'm not sure wether i can advertise what i have for sale here or if i have to be on the selling section?? ive not done this before so somone let me know (i'm sure someone will haha) Pm or post me if you are intrested in :- Full set in mint condition of rubber offical IQ mats 2 front 3 rear and hooks. Part set in good condtion of offical carpeted IQ mats all but drivers mat as it had worn through hence why i bought rubber mats, also hooks, rear 3 mats in mint condtion as hardly used. Boot liner offical IQ one with rubber one side and carpet other side with a spit down the the middle so you can use it with one seat down or both up etc this is in mint condition. Hardly used in mint condtion finishes of the interior, got the offical IQ glove bag thingy. might smell like vanilla as i usually stick car air freshners in the front pocket haha and last but not least i have some offical IQ scuff plates non illuminated ones that are in good conditon will just need some adesive to bond them can look into what type would be best if your not sure. I have pictures of all of these so message me for details! Cheers and bye for now guys!
  16. wez_kc

    Hb4 Doesn't Fit !

    Toshiba make the stock HIR 2 but the upgraded HIR2 are made by Philips and very rare to find over here! I managed to import from America paid about £50 ! And there not worth it very unwelmed not noticeable brighter! so to get brighter whiter bulbs it's an expensive mod job for the IQ unfortunately!
  17. wez_kc

    Anyone Intrested?

    How much for the chrome mirror covers please?
  18. Think I might Ormi! I think my letter must have got lost as I know it was most Of the first batches of IQs that were effected. Dentist, they quite willing to offer a courtesy car at my dealers, and so they should if there's a Recall.
  19. wez_kc

    New Model's ?

    Sounds very interesting!! Thanks for the heads up! Matt Black Mmmmmmm could be very nice!
  20. Hi all was just wondering if everyone now has probably been notified of the last Recall? When it was first announced I checked out the Toyota website and discovered that mine was one of the affected models. I then waited for the letters to be sent out, I've never received a letter or any phone calls from my dealer about it? Should I look into it or is my car probs unaffected as I surely would have been contacted? Want my £20 m&s voucher haha and piece of mind of course!
  21. It would be a good advert for the Aygo but not the Yaris it should have been something more sophisticated its way too cheesy for the Yaris. Hope the HSD gets marketed better then this.
  22. Sure it's an over priced IQ but what they have done with it can be considered tasteful with what style car they had to play with and rebadge as an Aston unlike your Toyota/ Lexus mismatch disaster ........ seriously.
  23. wez_kc

    Scion Iq 2012

    Do you mean the other way Round?? If so I agree but that's not a bad thing. I do think the new bumper is less cute?
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