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  1. Hi Raphaël, I have resolved the problem by buying the correct set of DVDs via toyota map updates website. For around £140 you'd get 4 DVDs with Detailed European Maps. Simon
  2. Hi Yorkie100, Check this site http://www.toyota-mapupdates.eu/ Simon
  3. Just had a look at my wheels... What period does that warranty cover? I've got June 2006 model, Is it worth asking my dealer about this now? Simon
  4. Hi, I've got T180 4.3 (2006) DCAT. Mine does between 31-34 mpg (at least that's what it says on the screen). Would you say that's normal?
  5. Hi Guys, I know we have talked a lot about run flats on T180, but wanted to hear your opinion on switching to standard tyres? What tyres would you switch to? Would you recommend changing to normal tyres? BTW.... I'm looking at doing a trip to Poland in December time (1200 miles one way :D ), there's a chance we might get some snow there. Has any of you ever driven on snow in these run flats? Simon
  6. szymekw

    Dvd System

    Hi Guys, For some time now, I've been trying find a decent dvd system to fit in my rav. Ideally I'd like it to be built into the headrests (like on the image below) but my local toyota dealer says this one is a factory fitted and they don't fit these at their garage. Do you know a place where I could have it done? or shall I rather go for for universal player with a band to go over the headrest ? Anobody has any experience with these? Simon
  7. szymekw

    My Rav4

    2006 T180 model
  8. Hi, I hope I've got to the right place and one of you guys will be able to help me. I'm looking for updated maps for my Sat Nav. I've got Rav4 T180 2006 model (06plate). DVD currently in the unit is : 86271-53030 2005-2006 ver1. I spotted some DVDs on ebay: E10 2007-2008 part no.: 86807-0W060 but I have no idea if it's gonna be compatible with my satnav, as previously I had tried 2008-2009 ver1 86271-60W361 and it just didn't work. Came up with an error saying "Program cannot be read please consult to a dealer". Can anybody help me out with this or drop me a link where I can find a solution? thanks Simon
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