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  1. Hiya Guys n Gals... My bros sellin his Toyota Celica GTi 16v .. its a 1992 J reg, gleaming white, 118k, 9 months mot, 9 months tax... This is the good bit .. he says he will sell it for a grand !.. I sold my Carina, and got a Motorbike and hes wantin a bike now as well. So if anyone wants it for a grand, first come first served, its a awesome motor, ANY trial / inspection .. erm not sure what else I can tell you about it ... Oh hes just shouted to me he stands to lose £500 on it if he sells it for a grand, he paid £1500 for it 3 months ago. So if anyones interested email me at @ matt.pike1@ntlworld.com or if you have a large capacity motorbike and wanna do a straight swap then email also. Cheers :D
  2. Hiya Guys. Long story so will be brief. My bro gave a £200 deposit on a Toyota MR2 GT, when we got home we did a insurance quote, and realised that it was not a GT as advertsed but a standard coupe ! We expected 158bhp GT like advertised but it was infact 118bhp 3S-FE engine Coupe. Can you PLEASE leave me a message in me guestbook I need some support to get the cash back through the courts. From one toyota owner to anothe (I drive a Carina GTi 3G-SE) please spare a mo to help me, so he can get his deposit back and go to a reputable dealer. THANKYOU ! this is the web site : http://www.autocentreukltd.co.uk/
  3. Alright mate. I had a bolt like this on me old Yamaha FZ750, wouldnt budge no matter what ! What the garage had to do, was weld something to the bolt, then with a extended lever it 'snapped' clean free. I have tried this method myself and all I ended up doin is snappin the head of the bolt off, leaving the threads inside, which I then have to drill out. I would probably try drillin it out mate and puttin a brand spanker new bolt in, or drill into it and get a extraction tool into the hole you drill in the bolt, cos if you wreck it, then it will need helicoiling, a expensive job to do. Good luck chap
  4. Hi... Well for those of you who have helped me with advice in my thread recently (massive thanks) will know what I am on about, for those who dont, heres a very brief account. In a nutshell, I put £200 deposit on a MR2 GT, turns out it isnt a GT afterall, so I go to get my £200 deposit back and the garage dealer basically tells me I aint havin it back, when it was him misleading me into thinkin it was a GT and it was a basic Coupe ! So I put a web site together (complete replica of his, he he) to try and help others out there not to do business with this guy and risk losing there money. Ths is my last mention on the matter in this forum as I wanna talk about other stuff too :) so to help me, help others, if you have a spare few mins, would you please sign the guestbook forum and basically give your opinion on how you feel about this connin garage, all the info is there. The site can be found here : http://mattpike.co.uk Many thanks, and if anyone else gets stung out there, let me know, will be only too happy to make it public to the entire world wide web. Cheers
  5. Yes it does mate, but all we knew was to get a GT version, and assumed that it was coupe, like a hatchback is a hatchback, and sedan is sedan, estate is estate etc, as long as it was a GT it 'should' havve been 158bhp, instead it was slower than me bros 1.8D Fiesta bein a 3S-FE engine in the 'coupe' non-GT MR2.
  6. Guys ! I know what u sayin about the flyers lol I got a bit carried away there lol but the web sites goin ahead, you can check it out if you want : http://mattpike.co.uk But I'll upload it to me new domain name (his garage name) when its active in next few days. Zeroblade your right he has changed the ad, but clever me, I took a screen capture of it before he had chance to change it for evidence, good I did eh, cos without that I guess I wouldnt have a case.. And .. guys, here it is for you to see .. GT my ***** ! lol
  7. Cheers Stef ... Thanks for ya support dude, and ya bang on ! John .. I can also see where your comin from, but if it were your £200 quid mate, and this guy looked at you, laughin sayin u arn't havin ur cash back, and when u asked why, and he just smiled .. trust me, you'd be well ubik-ed too matey. I just want fair justice, and to help those out there that get stung like me. Web sites nearly complete guys, wahoo ! :D 24 / 48 hrs and it'll be properley live, would appreciate ya messages in guest book on what ya think, should really jack the theivin dealer off. Cheers
  8. Hiya mate. Well his url isnt actually his company name, he took one from his hoster, whereas I registered his actual trade name for a period of 2 yrs for £9.40 lol. I get FREE site submission to the likes of Google, Lycos etc as part of my hosing package, and I will add it too all kinds of places. I am even thinkin of runin a advert in the local paper and sending him a copy lol also printin some flyers with my web address on it (which is his exact company name) and putting them on HIS own cars in his car plot lol. If he would only give us our deposit money back, he could have avoided all this, but I have to take it this far to protect other innocent customers you see, he cant keep gettin away with treatin people like this. I'll keep y'all posted ;)
  9. Yeah I guess ... But its gona cost him to sue me :) I told him to his face .. at the end of the day its gonna cost you MORE than the £200 quid you stole .. and I am gonna make sure it does ! Have a look at his web site : http://www.autocentrekirkby.co.uk/autocentre.htm And this is my Anti-web site, still in development and will be careful not to slander,only to tell the truth, that he conned me ! I can say it as long as its true, and it is. http://mattpike.co.uk I registered his company name as my domain, and when Its active in 2 - 4 days, I hope to do as much damage as poss, sure he can apply to courts to get it removed,.. but then I can host it again somewhere else lol even Yahoo free web builder would suffice ! Spread the word .. Second hand car dealers who steal from ya are now about to pay ! Over n out ;)
  10. Aahahahahahahahah :D Wicked Pizza Boy Will see if we can beat him the legal way then if not .. be prepared to meet the wrath ! lol
  11. GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D The Bar-sted has messed with the wrong guy when he messed with me ! Being a Web Designer by trade, I've only gone and registered his actual trade name in MY name lol so when its active in 3 - 4 days and registered online, I am gonna rip off his site, (correction I already done that), and create a .. Anti-Autocentre web site, it's cost me £9.40 for the domain name so far, and I'll probably have to pay to get it in No 1 listings with such search engines as Google, but it'll be worth it to give him bad press, well not bad press, but true press. I know I gotta be careful and not say anything slanderous, however, I am allowed by law to say things which are true, and the thiefin bar-sted stole £200 quid from me and peeps are surly gonna know about it. I am at Small Claims court 10am Monday morning to file my case, thats all sorted and happenin with the backing from Citizens Advice Bureau, Trading Standards are pursuing them on there own back now cos they broke a trading law, so with me taking them to court with the CAB, Trading Standards on there back, and a Web Site,.. in there own company name to boot, slating there business .. I hope to at least do them the £200 quids worth of money they STOLE from me :) Ahhh .. feel much better now :) lol. Man I feel like a fac-kin vigilante lol so are you proud of me MR2 owners or what ? :) Cheers
  12. GUYS !!! The bar-sted wont give us our deposit back !!! To reiterate, we saw a advert for a MR2 GT, when we got there, saw it, put £200 deposit on it, we then found out ir was a FE 118bhp model and NOT GT as advertised ! So we went for our deposit money back today, he would not give it us. So we went to Citizens Advice Bureau, they phoned him up, and the garage dealer hung up on them ! CAB basically said they broke two laws, one was misinterpretation, by conning us into thinkin it was a GT model when infact it was a Coupe, then second law was one for the Trading Standards. so CAB Bureau manager phoned Trading Standards, so not only aew we taking them to small claims court to get our money back, Trading Standards are now on the case lol. Fock em ! Who do they think they are ??? I mean, why cant he just give us our deposit back ? Theifin gits, and hows he gonna account for it in his books ? £200 profit for what ? ... you cant, its nothing short of theft. So we been to court, got the papers, paid £30 and will let you know when we get our money back lol if he doesnt pay this one, then we have to pay another £50, and the bailifs go with a court order, CAB man says they will simply take a car and sell it lol. DONT BE RIPPED OFF BY SECOND HAND POOR EXCUSES OF CAR DEALERS !!! I am a web designer by trade so I am about to put up a website about it in his own company name, lets see how he likes me playin him at his own game. So alhough we never got our deposit back today, its just a matter of takin it through the courts. What a way to start 2004 ... Anyway will let you guys know how we get on, as you been SO helpful, that without you guys we wouldnt have had the amunition and information to make a case. Thanks a mill. Matt
  13. Zeroblade ... Thanks for replyin mate and I've attached the ad for ya all too see, is this still worth gettin even though its practically powerless ? We managed to get it down to £2495 in the end ? Stef ... I am in Mansfield Notts mate, where are you ? thanks too for the info on the engine history mate. Midmotorsteve ... Wicked tips on boostin me GTi's performance, thanks this is cool, will keep me busy until I can afford to trade up to me MR2 one day. All in all guys, thanks so much for ya help, my bro and I are goin to garage first thing in morning to try and get our deposit back, I'll come straight home and let you guys know the outcome. Thanks again so much for ya help. Happy New Year :hokus-pokus:
  14. YAYYYYY ! lol Thanks a lot Steve, and everyone else in this forum, Brilliant, just the info I was lookin for, I aint too technical with the MR2's as only just finding out technical spec of what things actually mean like 3S-FE and 3S-GE etc. When tomorrows over will let you know how we got on in gettin our deposit back. Then I'l be back with questions on my car, I have a 1993 Toyota Carina E GTi 2.0i 16v Twin Cam, on parkers web site it says they started off as 155bhp then 1994 model was 173 bhp. So my question on my car would be, a) how do I release the extra BHP, was it simply a ECU upgrade ? and .. does is my 3G-SE engine same as one in a MR2 cos I cant find no mods for Carina GTi 3G-SE engines. CHEERS :hokus-pokus:
  15. OK Guys am gettin confused now .. As reiterated at top of thread (and to save ya readin it all again). We bought a MR2, paid £200 deposit, found it to be totally slow, my bros 1.8D Fiesta is as fast ! So what we want to do is go back to the dealer tomorrow and say, look, we want our money back, cos on your advert on autotrader for the car, you said its a GT model, when we test drove it, it was flat and we looked into it and it is not a GT model as it has the 3G-FE engine. Thats all we need to know really, cos when we did a insurance quote for the car it came up MR2 Coupe, no mention of it being GT. If we can get the £200 back, then cool, but if not then we'll still go get another MR2 but a 3S-GE one ? I think there the best, right ? So really I just need to know, is this 92 J reg MR2 a standard Coupe and not a GT model as he advertised ? if so then he will surly have to give us deposit money back. Thanks a miliion guys
  16. Guys ... thanks so much for the info. Were bobbin it ere .. but maybe, just maybe we can get our deposit back and go buy a 3S-GE version . OK so whats happened is .. on the advert on Autotrader.co.uk the car is advertised as a GT model, but if its 3S-F3 model, would this be a GT version ? Can we argue that you advertised it as a GT version meaning 3G-Se when infact your selling a non-GT 3S-FE model ? If this is the case, and through misinterpretation via his advert passing it off as a GT model, then do you guys think we have grounds for our £200 deposit back ? Guys .. thanks a million. Cheers
  17. GUYS GUYS GUYS !!! Pant, pant ... I just been to the garage, seen me bros MR2 there with the sold sign in the window, asked for the keys to have a looka t the engine to get the numbers fomr it. I popped the rear hood and there it hit me in the face :!Removed!: Top of the cam cover I think ? a sticker saying 3S-FE !!! Could this be the reason it isnt very fast ??? 'Dame' said in this thread it could be the reason if its 3S-FE, and it looks like it is. Although on the engine there is a large sticker saying Toyota 2000 Twin Cam, so what can this mean ? Is it an 8v unit ? and if so, why does it say Twin Cam on the engine ? is this purly a vanity sticker or can you get twin cam 8v units ? So guys ... is this the reason its slow ? the S3-FE engine ? and if so, what can be done about it ? MANY thanks for all ya help, cant tell you enough how much you've helped us out. Thanks again Matt
  18. Zeroblade .. Thanks for the info there mate :) I recon theres a prob with it, it certainly dont put you back in your seat at all. The car look well, drives weel, supposed to have had 2k spent on last service (maybe theres a story in that) but its just soooo not fast. The engine is quiet, exhaust is quiet .. my bro gets it on Monday, might take some video footage and put it on ere so you can see how pants it is on accelleration for more info. I think maybe take it to Toyota and get them to check it out ? Problem is, hes paid £200 deposit today (non-refundable) as its goin for MOT, so if he pays the rest £2k+ and its major fault then hes lost the lot. Anyway thanks for ya help, will keep ya posted, next mon / tues will give full report on just how slow the pickup is. Cheers ... :(
  19. Erm ... me bro aint got a Turbo mate (too thirsty for 50 miles to work and back daily). So any advice anyone on if MR2's are slow as standard ? or how to find out if its performing correctly ? Cheers
  20. Hi Guys ... I have had my Carina GTi for about 6 weeks now, and I was so impressed, that my bro's gone out and only a few hours ago bought a 1992 J reg Toyota MR2 in black, looks lovely. However .. when we took it for a testdrive and put our foot down, we were suprised, not much poke at all, what gives ? Are MR2's slow or something ? or are they just deceptive ? We've had a Vauxhall Astra GTE 2.0i GTE 16v on a 1990 G plate, that was fast, much faster than the MR2, so were wondering if theres something wrong with this MR2. Any advice guys please, and also any info on your experiances in a 2.0 16v twin cam MR2, what u get in 2nd gear etc etc ... Cheers.
  21. !Removed! !!! HELL !!! Niiiice Carina mate, wanna swap ? lol.
  22. Iberston ... Try this link mate .. : http://www.carina-e.com/ As far as mods go, check the photo gallery, the silver Carina with 'Clarion' decals on looks da biz ! Looks like a up and comin Carina GTi web site I've found quite a few links (too many to mention) on performance mods, i.e. Performance Magncor Leads, Platinum Plugs, and you can always mod virtually ANY air filter system to fit, sod what the company says. I had a HUGE Ram-Raid air filter for me old Renault 5 GT Turbo, and fitted it to me Astra GTE 16v, was awesome, so sod what manufactures say, you just have to make it fit, its what I do :D So for performance all I am doin is performance plugs, leads, air filter, thats it ! Plus run it on Super-Unleaded and then keep ya car clean with some nice wheels, and ya got a nice motor. I attached a photo of mine too, its Maroon. I got some links of spoilers if thats of any help to ya, email me. Cheers
  23. Hi folks. I have a 1993 Toyota Carina 2.0i GTi Twin Cam 16v. www.parkers.co.uk says that the 1993 model has 155bhp, yet the 1994 has 173bhp, does anyone know how I can get the extra brake horse power ? is it a simple ECU modification ? Finally, when I rev my Carina, the revs seam to take a while to come back down again, does anyone know what that could be ? Cheers
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