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  1. Hi, I also traded my aygo (it was black too) for a yaris d4d 2008. In Portugal we call the yaris series - sol and high pack / sport high pack, not spirit. I bought Yaris sol, 5 doors, air conditioning, remote key entry, radio cd,... All I have to say is that until now I like very much this car. is perfect even in the highway, I know it only has 90 horses but overtaking and be at 175 Km an hour is not a problem. If I turned back time I would choose the same Yaris d4d to trade my aygo. This time I choose the colour silver metalic and I´m Happy for it.
  2. Hi I've noticed that when I drive my Yaris and stop the brakes squeaks. What can it be? brakes or wheels??? The car has only 9 000 km.
  3. Hi I drove both but I chose the diesel one. I think it's a fantastic and strong car, great in motorways. The only problem I noticed I found it's a little noisy on the motorway during some revs but now I' m used to it and like it. Before you buy it drive both in the road, town and motorway, to choose the better one for you. Anyway diesel is more espensive, but if you drive lots of miles per day or month is the better choice, if not and if you like the 1.33 buy that one. Is up to you . Good luck
  4. Hi I also have a yaris D4d since one month ago and I feel from the beginning a different noise not when I touch the acelerator, but when I change the gear and touch the clutch. It' my first diesel but I don't know if it is normal. Do you think it is better go to the toyota garage??
  5. No work has been done. The car works but the signal keeps standing. Tomorrow if the warning signal is still on I 'll go the toyota garage. anyway, after I had water leaking problems with my aygo and after rejected that car, I stll trust toyota . Maybe I'm not lucky with cars.
  6. Hi I have yaris D4d with 5000 Km, and today when I turned the key, the engine didn't want to work. And appeared the signal yellow - engine failure. I'm so worried
  7. Hi Today I was driving my d4d and after I changed gear to fifth ( at 60Km Hour) the car didn't acelerate even with the pedal in the acelarator . It was so enbaracing for me, so I changed for the 4th gear and the development happen and the drive became normal . It was strange, maybe the gear wasn't well turned, because the music in the car was loud and I couldn't hear the motoring sound. I 'm a little worried that it happens again.
  8. Hi I have a Yaris D4-d (december 2008): I'm really enjoying the car and I think it's fast, But The maximum speed I got with it was 176 Km/hour. Can it gets more?? Just a question because my boyfriend told it couldn't get more speed but is it true???
  9. You are absolutely right. It is a problem that is not solved easier. After you buy a car things get complicated and it is not the same when people buy a new shirt . We are always loosing money , it doesn't matter the car car business you make. They (selllers) find always a way to win.
  10. Mine the noise is noticed in the highway, even in 4th or 5th gear . Is it normal???
  11. Hi I really like my yaris but I have something to ask is it normal the noise it does in the highway when going at 120 Km/h??? Do you think it is normal or not?
  12. Hi Just a question. As I said before I choosed to buy the 1.4D I drove the 1.33 but it wasn't what I was expecting for. The dealer said that he wasn't expecting for me not to like but I didn't, because the clutch is heavy and difficult to change gears, and a little noisy in the road maybe in the highway is better. Have you tried one ? What do you think???
  13. Why are the diesel cars more expensive than the petrol ones?? There must be a reason, no??? Today is my second day in driving my diesel yaris and I'm pleased for it. It is really nice. Sometimes it doesn't look like diesel and is quick ( 90 horses) . I like it.
  14. Hi Now I've got my Yaris 1.4D 5 P . It's my first diesel car. First impressions: - a little noisy ( but all the yaris and aygos are, so... I think is even more normal for a diesel) - fast ( Who had a 1.0 before or an aygo notice the difference especially when you drive in the motorway and you can leave other cars you used not to behind) - economical ( let's see how much through the time) - Fun drive and easy to drive If you have a 1.4 D what do you think about?
  15. Hi Last time I was in this forum I told you that I was trying to buy a Yaris, I took your word in consideration but instead 1.33 I decided for the 1.4D 2008. Reasons: I drove the 1.33 sport and I didn't like that much it looks more heavier than the 1.0, or even the 1.4D I drove after for the first time. I was considering the idea of a 1.33 new or a 1.4 D from 2008 because the price is the same. But I decided for the 1.4D and because I also do a lot of miles to work everyday and diesel is cheaper. Anyway thank you for you advices. I wish I 've luck this time. ;)
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