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  1. Is it easy to do for a prefacelift 02/04 Corolla to change or access the front fog light bulbs? i guess the plastic guards behind the front bumper need to be removed & mine came with a TTE front splitter does that need removing ? Cheers if anyone can help but few things i wanna do to the bumper like upgrade the bulbs or even put a film on the front fog light lense(also protects it from stone chips) & may even colour coded the front fog light housing as there come in grey colour assuming that grey fog light housing is removable!! lol
  2. Spotted a 2005 wiper stalk from a 2005 Corolla t sport, anyone know if they fit a 2005 prefacelift T-sport, they dont have a auto wiper on them, the stalk itself looks quite simple plug & play? or would it involve bit more work like some wiring ?? link:Click here Ebay ebay item no. 220364241451 if link doesnt work ! I only asked/wonder as i once fitted a variable speed intermittent wiper stork off a Euro spec contintental Mazda 626 onto a 2002 mazda 323F & a UK spec 323F didnt come with a variable speed wiper, the fitment was plug & play & gd mod too!
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