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  1. just about to turn 15k on a 1998 S reg with fsh
  2. hi there looking nice that! just a quick question i've got a 1.3 gs 3dr in silver and want more power what engine have you got and has it been done by Fensport? i've been looking around but can't really find much for my car i know what look i want but i can't find the spoiler i want and i don't know who or where to go to get either for engine mods or possibly a better engine any help. :)
  3. evening all i have been thinking about what to do with the rolla recently and cause i new to the world of toyota i don't know who is about i have seen the fensport web site but didn't know if anyone else could help. or if anybody has used fensport could tell me how good they are.
  4. yes as soon as funds are there i thought about a euro look perhaps, low with small alloys possibly 14/15" and wide, would like to either take of the rub strips or get them colour coded maybe get the interior re-trimed in cream leather and possible turbo charged but as always with these things all come down to money!!!
  5. hello i've finally got the camera to work so here's some pic's of the rolla and yes the mileage is correct. what do you think?
  6. hi there new to the world of the 'rolla so this is proberly a really stupid question. i have a 1998 1.3 gs in silver which has thin black rub strips down the doors and rear quarters do these unclip or are they stuck on? because i was thinking of taking them off making the car look cleaner has anyone done this? thanks.
  7. good evening all i thought i would share with you all the reason behind my joining the club. i used to be the owner of a xsara vtr which decided to well how can i put it fall apart so a new car was required. so the purchase of this Corolla was just right i wanted something reliable cheap to run cheap to insure as i will only use it for the weekends. its a 1.3 gs on an 'S' plate 1998 3 door in silver one carefull lady owner from new 14,000 miles with fsh yes you did read that right 14,000 miles from new the car came with 12 mths mot and 5 mths tax with air con and electric everthing and has been kept in a garage and never driven in the rain i can't believe at how clean it is as soon as i get my camera working i'll post some pic's ( in the mean time heres my other toy) :D
  8. hi there i'm new to and in Devon if your looking for alloys or exhaust or springs then try Top Gear Alloys on google they are in Bridport but they will give finance to everyone i only know about this as a mate use to have a G6R and went to them for those bits as mentioned i'm going to put in the call when i get underway in my new job oh and welcome
  9. Hi there thought i'd sign up as i've just become the new owner of a 1998 corolla 1.3 gs in silver. :D
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