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  1. Thanks for this document, Anchorman! Though, I can't see the list of the trouble codes obtainable with flash-light (it's written "see page DI-14", but your document stops at DI-13). Are the Trouble codes obtained with flash-light (flashcodes) the same as those obtained with a diag tool? I don't think so, because diag trouble codes are something like Pxxxx, and flascodes are only two numbers, as it was on my old Celica. I have purchased two different diag tools, and they works on others cars, but not with my Corolla! The OBD-connector seems OK, because when I go to Toyota garage, they can connect their special toyota tool. Do you know if there has been a special protocol with 2004 toyotas? I'm trying to remain autonomous with my cars, I never go to a garage for maintenance or repair, but it's getting more and more difficult! Thanks for all,
  2. I'm in the south of France. I don't know about the fuel quality, but I replaced the fuel filter when I changed the pump, and the problem came again one month after. I don't see why a dirty filter could cause problem only if it rains: Two days before christmas it was raining heavily, and the motor run really badly, especially when I tryed to accelerate full-throttle. Two days after, the weather was dry, sunny and cold (-5°C, we were in the alps), the car was recovered by 5 cm of fresh snow, and the motor run normally all the road. So the problem is really caused by the rain or humidity in the air, I think only a wiring default or a malfunction with an electronic transmitter can give such problems...
  3. Hi, I Know I reply to an old post, but I had no answer by starting a new topic... Anchorman, you say that it is possible to get flascodes if i can't use te OBD protocol? I have a 2004 Corolla D4D 116, And I tryed 2 different OBDII scantools, but with no success, unless they works with other cars... Can you send the pdf file, if it is applicable to my car? Thanks
  4. Hi, My Corolla D4D 116 hp seems to be sensitive to humidity. Let me describe the history of my problems with this car: -Bought in 2009 with 64000 Km. -A few month later, first symptoms: loss of power sometimes, with sometimes the motor-light on the dashboard. Toyota diagnosed a problem with the 2 fuel valves (the green and the blue on the injection pump). I replace it, and no more problems during one year. -In october 2010, same problem again, getting worse every day, with difficulty to start and very low power. The symtoms are now permanent, although las year it was only sometimes. Toyota says that the injection pump is damaged, sending some "metal powder" int the valves. But the price is very expensive (2700 Euros), so I repare myself with a used injection pump. -When restarting the car, the problem seems to have desapeared during one month. But now, I have again the same intermittent symptoms, only when the weather is wet. I think the pump was really damaged, but here is another cause, only when it rains: wiring problem, or elecronoc transmitter sensitive to water? Does anyone have seen this before?
  5. I've bought two of these cheap tools on ebay, but they don't work with toyota! I read somewhere that we can connect some pins somewhere on the car and get flashcodes in the car as it was usual before the OBD system appeared...
  6. Hi, Does anyone knows how to get flash codes when one's doesn't have diag OBD-II tool? I need it for a 2004 D4D Corolla, which appears to be sensitive to humidity (power loss when weather is wet). Thanks!
  7. Thanks for this! Is the SST 09843-18040 a simple wire to connect the terminals?
  8. Hello, While searching how to get diagnostic codes for my 2004 Corolla 115 D4D, I found this intersting forum. I have the same toubles as described before: sometimes engine light is on, and I have a big loss of power. I can't read the diagnostic codes with my ELM327 OBDII interface, although it is supposed to be compatible! It says that there is shortcut in the car's OBD bus... So I would be very intersted if Anchorman could send me the pdf file showing how to get the flash codes, if it's possible on my car. Many thanks if anyone can help me!