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  1. Wow! What a great thread, lots of great suggestions. Yarisvvti2002 you have the patience of a saint, if it was me I would have said 'sod it' the second I took the top off to reveal that 'unloved' engine (far too much crud in there for my liking) I would have had that spare engine in by now. 🙂
  2. Interesting, thanks! Any links to the tool you mention?
  3. Thanks for the update David, always appreciated. Were the hairline cracks on either side or just on one? Also where about exactly were there and what did you use to seal them,oh, and did you take any pictures? Sorry for all the questions but I'm sure someone will find this info useful in the future as it's what makes forums a great source of information. Thanks once again for taking the time to post.
  4. Any updates Dave, did you manage to get it sorted?
  5. Does this only happen when you wash the car or when it rains? Is the car parked on the level? Does the rear washer work and does the ingress of water have a smell or colour to it (screen wash etc)? My next move would be to see if the leak was higher up than the rear lights so try stuffing some paper towel in the void above the light clusters and if they get wet then I would be looking higher up. Also check that the rubber grommet that houses the wiring loom (top left hand side near top hinge) is not split or loose from the bodywork and that the pipe has not become disconnected. I know you said you sealed the light clusters but you can never be 100% sure, the use of new seals would go a long way of achieving that. Let us know how you get on. There's "nowt worse" than leaks or rattles!
  6. ....Just make sure first that it fits your car as it maybe a 'Jap' or 'French' part only.
  7. It will be worth a lot more than £1500 if it's in its original state (no modifications) and in mint condition but only to a private buying that's in the 'market' for that particular model. It would be nice to see a picture of your mum's T Sport.
  8. Found this:|Cars+Year%3A2007&hash=item4b49efd302:g:5FcAAOSwQFhbVeyE
  9. Hi Ben It's difficult to comment on the rear brake drums as the car is not here for inspection but in most if not all cases it would be a case of attacking them with a wire brush then repaint using smooth black hammerite. As for the springs, best get those replaced asap.
  10. It looks like it can be removed without removing the radiator.
  11. Red is one of the worst colours for fading, regular 'waxing' will maintain its appearance indefinitely, once the colour starts to fade though the only way back is to use abrasive polishes which has a 'cutting' effect on the paint which in turn reduces its thickness and if repeated too many times will cause permanent damage to the clear coat I'm not saying that this has happened to your Dad's car but what generally happens if the paintwork is not maintained correctly, that is one of the reasons professional detailers use 'paint thickness gauges'.
  12. Lack of regular cleaning and wax/polymer protection coupled with harsh wheel cleaners then pressure washed will do that to most alloy wheels.