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  1. Freeze frame data could hold a clue.
  2. Have you seen any freeze frame data?
  3. What's the battery voltage ( with reference to chassis and again to engine)? Have you cleared the codes and did the same codes reappear, if so check freeze frame data to see what conditions the faults are triggering? Check pins 6 and 14 on DLC with an Ohm meter with ignition OFF (Use paper clips or similar to 'front probe' the dlc connector), resistance should read approx 60 ohms.
  4. Another method would be to wrap some strong tape such as duct tape (Gaffer tape) around a stick/long pencil etc after 2 or 3 turns twist and invert the tape so that the sticky area is to the outside, carry on wrapping until it's big enough to stick to the nut (If you wrap enough tape and create a ball on the end it will make the job easier) slide the 'sticky' stick into the void and prod about until you have secured the nut then lift it out.
  5. I think a 'Thanks' would go down well from the op.
  6. Could be a SR with T Sport wheels, when did they stop producing the mk1 SR?
  7. Some covers come already painted, not sure they come in all colours but we once purchased from Mr T a pre painted cover in Blue for a 2006 Jap built Yaris.
  8. The covers may be different for Jap built Yaris and the French build., not saying this is the case, just worth noting. What part number is on the inside of the cover?
  9. First tilt the mirror backwards from the top of the glass then using a plastic trim tool prise the backing plate from the middle of the glass at the bottom, once released unhook the mirror by pulling it downward then outward.
  10. Purchase them from an official Toyota online store If you want genuine mats, they will make sure they're right for your car.
  11. Welcome to the forum Darryl. No code required for factory fit radio in your car.
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