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  1. stantheman1

    Oil fill level

    3.1ltr includes the filter (2.9ltr without).
  2. stantheman1

    Where to buy variable boot floor for 2015 Yaris?

    On the mk2 the false floor has 2 'turn keys' to secure the floor down, this also acts to stop the floor from bouncing when travelling over speed humps etc. It was this scenario that was my main concern so if the 'lugs' you have fitted prevent this from happening then I see no problem with your design.
  3. stantheman1

    Buying a Yaris with 'High' Mileage

    Thanks for posting! Looks tidy and if the missing wiper arm nut cover on the passenger side annoys you then a new replacement can be had from Toyota for approx. £6.
  4. stantheman1

    Buying a Yaris with 'High' Mileage

    Dealer or private? If private then approx £2k to £4k but then I haven't seen the car!
  5. stantheman1

    Where to buy variable boot floor for 2015 Yaris?

    If £90 is too much then I would wait until a pre owned one became available on ebay, but I would also consider the safety aspects of not having the panel secured down as items plus the panel itself could be launched into the cabin area in a collision or such, just saying.
  6. stantheman1

    Buying a Yaris with 'High' Mileage

    If it's been cared for then it will last and last, regular servicing is key to long life especially if quality parts are used. As you say the mileage is average for the age of the car. Before purchasing any used vehicle I would check out its history as much as I could such as its MOT history (this should show you if it has failed over the years its reasons and any advisories given) Just enter the reg number on the web site. If it has a full dealer history then checks can be made to see what work has been carried out especially when out of warranty.Other checks such as hpi are advisable. I've seen plenty of well looked after cars but there are a few out there which have not. I also use the 'vehicle smart' app on my phone. Let us know how you get on.
  7. stantheman1

    battery light on for a while

    Thanks for the update, they're always welcome.
  8. stantheman1

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    As promised, here's my before and afters (Summer to Winter, alloys to steelies)
  9. stantheman1

    Radiator fan not working and possibly A/c plz help

    Okay, although the fan doesn't run doesn't necessarily mean it is faulty, there are various reasons for this such as the engine taking a very long time to reach the temperature required for the radiator fan to activate (winter is not the best time for this test) it could be taking a lot longer for the engine to reach that temperature due to the thermostat being jammed open, you mentioned running the ac system, the fan should cut in and out during its operation if the ac is working as it should, to test it at this time of year firstly make sure the engine is warm and the ventilation system is blowing out warm/hot air from the ducts,( set the cabin temperature dial all the way to HOT (red) and NOT cold (blue)), turn the fan setting to high and with the bonnet up check that the ac pipe (located at the front of the engine , left hand side of the radiator, it's a bare aluminium pipe that disappears down into the engine bay) is icy COLD, if true then the radiator fan should kick in and out. If the ac pipe does not get icy cold then the above test is not valid and the ac system will require servicing.
  10. stantheman1

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    I see you're running your winters on mk2 ph2 alloys if I'm not mistaken and I also notice you're into detailing as your tpot looks mint! I've been a bit more creative with the wife's mk2 yaris, I've got the winters on steelies, I'll post a pic or two when it stops raining and see what you think it's probably not to everyones liking but I love it! But like I said I've been a little creative and not seen anything remotely similar on any car.around here.
  11. Fair do's Pete but we don't even know if it's a Frecnchy or a Jappy or if he's even got sorted! ☺️ To the OP please provide us with an update and put us out of our misery.😀
  12. Don't worry, the part number has already been confirmed.
  13. Hi Jeff 58410-52010-B1 (Japan) 58410-0D010-B1 (France) I would try ebay or the breakers yard as the prices new are 'eye watering'.
  14. stantheman1

    2 problems - doors and window

    I bet that there isn't a single Toyota owner that hasn't had that happen to them in the past! 🙂