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  1. I can't see any images that you may have posted I could be wrong but it sounds to me that you have damaged the the 'fluid' engine mount by opening the seal. You say hat there was a 'tooth' missing on the belt, are you sure because the belt should be of the 'grooved' type and why are you trying to fit the belt over the engine mount?
  2. Not sure what you are asking here Jon, what's been removed from your uncle's car?
  3. I gave you a 'thanks' for reporting back with your fix, great for the library. 🙂
  4. I think it's just a case of pulling the binnacle off to access the digital dash, from memory a 5 or 10 minute job (assuming it's the same as the Yaris).
  5. It's more than likely that you have blown the fusible link(ALT) that's fitted to the +ve terminal of the battery (under the red plastic cover/flap). Do your power windows work?
  6. He may have sorted it already as the op has not been back since.
  7. ....Or from wet feet etc.
  8. Check for wet or damp floor mats, also are the vents set to re-circ?
  9. I would use blunt nose pliers and not long nose as you'll have more 'purchase' on the needle.
  10. You'd be far better off getting yourself a 1.8 SR!
  11. Smelling fuel in the oil really bad is trying to milk you with fuel

  12. You could always hit the 'like' or 'thanks' button directly.
  13. As others have stated, is the A/C turned on? What mileage? Could be running very lean due to vacuum leak(s) amongst other things, faulty MAF etc. What does it run like once started?
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