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  1. As above, more info needed, if there are no visible leaks then first thing I would check is the pcv valve, these can get clogged and not function correctly.
  2. Make sure the air vent is set to outside air and not set to recirculate.
  3. Doesn't sound like there's an issue to me in fact sounds perfectly normal to me!
  4. More info needed William I'm afraid, such as does it only get wet when it rains or when you wash the car, is the 'water' clear in colour and is there a smell to it such as screen wash etc, how is the car parked (is it on a slope etc)? Has the car ever been in an accident and had repair to the bodywork? Does the rear wash work as it should?
  5. Incontinent passenger(s)? 🙂
  6. Hi Mike I am not aware of any annual fees for them being left in the vehicle but I think they are taking liberties by not removing them when not active,(it should be included in the fees paid upfront) but then again who's to say that they're not still monitoring how and when the car is being driven!
  7. The black boxes are allegedly deactivated and in the vast majority of cases remain connected to the cars they were fitted to, unless you pay to have them removed that is. You are not allowed to remove these yourself and the boxes remain the property of the insurance company.
  8. Hi Have you checked that the ATF level is not low and does it appear dirty at all? These two instances will put the error code you are having as would having metallic debris obstructing the mechanical function of the solenoid.
  9. Thanks for the update, could be useful to someone with similar issues.
  10. Is it that your wheels are pitted and get ingrained brake dust, or are you always stuck for time when cleaning you car? If not just seal your rims with your favourite wax or sealant the next time you get them clean then they'll come clean with ordinary shampoo after that and say goodbye to those costly harsh wheel cleaning chemicals.
  11. On my daughters mk2 yaris it was directly under the speedo binnacle, could be the same for the mk1.
  12. No problem but feel free to use the like or thanks button! 🙂
  13. Cap Rear wiper arm: Part number for the Jap Yaris (1.0ltr): 85292-28030 Part number for the French Yaris: 85292-0D020 Hope that helps.
  14. HI There are 2 different types, one for the Jap built Yaris and another for the French build. You appear to have the wrong type .
  15. What have you used previously? I use ordinary car shampoo on mine and don't have any problems but then again I clean them regularly it also helps tremendously if you wax or seal them! Please post a photo of them so that I can advise on what to use.