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  1. The way I see it is : The Grade SOL which in the UK is usually 'GL, GLS, CDX TS' etc or 'T3, TSpirit', SR etc (LUNA models are base models such as 'S' or 'T2') What trim level is yours? If unsure you could always list the items such as electric windows, mirrors, A/C etc and we could probably work it out from that. Also you could check what other sites have on your such as 'MyToyota' website, TotalCarCheck and Vehicle Smart apps.If you can't access these sites I will be more than happy to check for you, all you need is your reg.
  2. This is what I found using the VIN you supplied: Vehicle characteristics GRADE: SOL: SOL TYPE PRODUCT: FRP: PRODUCED AT TMMF DRIVER'S POSITION: RHD: RIGHT-HAND DRIVE ENGINE: 2SZFE: 1300CC 16-VALVE DOHC EFI TRANSMISSION: MTM: MANUAL TRANSMISSION GEAR SHIFT TYPE: 5F: MTM, 5-SPEED FLOOR SHIFT NO.OF DOORS: 5D: 5-DOOR COLOR CODE: 8P4 TRIM CODE: FA16 VIN*Model codeFromToFrame CharacteristicsVNKKL183..SCP12R-CHMGKW02/2003 -10/2005SCP12SOLFRPRHD2SZFEMTM5F5D Hope that helps. Click here to continue
  3. Do you have a link to where I can view the spec and quality of the footage?
  4. It can be done without removing the plastic panels, my hands aren't the smallest by a long chalk and once I had to undo the aerial to seal a suspect water leak point. I found by gently pulling at the liner(after first removing the rear center seatbelt bolt) and using 2 microfibre cloths rolled into a ball placed either side of the aerial between the liner and the underside of the roof gave me enough room to work the adjustable spanner. Hope that helps.
  5. ......Wellies always work better in pairs! 😛
  6. stantheman1

    Oil leak.

    That is totally unacceptable from the dealer! How many other owners have been treated the same.....It does make you wonder.
  7. stantheman1

    Oil leak.

    Sorry to see you go Dave (I probably would have lost faith in the brand if that happened to me.) I always enjoyed reading your posts, the forum will be a man down so to speak! All the best, hope to see you back in the future.
  8. 3.1ltr includes the filter (2.9ltr without).
  9. On the mk2 the false floor has 2 'turn keys' to secure the floor down, this also acts to stop the floor from bouncing when travelling over speed humps etc. It was this scenario that was my main concern so if the 'lugs' you have fitted prevent this from happening then I see no problem with your design.
  10. Thanks for posting! Looks tidy and if the missing wiper arm nut cover on the passenger side annoys you then a new replacement can be had from Toyota for approx. £6.
  11. Dealer or private? If private then approx £2k to £4k but then I haven't seen the car!
  12. If £90 is too much then I would wait until a pre owned one became available on ebay, but I would also consider the safety aspects of not having the panel secured down as items plus the panel itself could be launched into the cabin area in a collision or such, just saying.
  13. If it's been cared for then it will last and last, regular servicing is key to long life especially if quality parts are used. As you say the mileage is average for the age of the car. Before purchasing any used vehicle I would check out its history as much as I could such as its MOT history (this should show you if it has failed over the years its reasons and any advisories given) Just enter the reg number on the web site. If it has a full dealer history then checks can be made to see what work has been carried out especially when out of warranty.Other checks such as hpi are advisable. I've seen plenty of well looked after cars but there are a few out there which have not. I also use the 'vehicle smart' app on my phone. Let us know how you get on.
  14. Thanks for the update, they're always welcome.
  15. As promised, here's my before and afters (Summer to Winter, alloys to steelies)