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  1. manifold is finished for my car still needs a tidy up a bit and ceramic coated but its finished :D
  2. fensport mate thats ware i got mine from not cheap though http://www.fensport.co.uk/Parts/Model_7/Category_2/
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, i think ill try get a cheap set of 1zz cams ans see if they fit first before splashing on the high profile ones :D
  4. hi guys does anyone know if the cams from a 1zz will fit into a 4zz cylinder head? am planing on changing the crank pistons and rods and bearing to the 1zz-fe parts to make it a 1.8 and want to run high profile cams aswell??
  5. a quick up-date on hear. i got my blue radiator hoses the other day the manifold is in the making . the picture of the turbo sitting in the bay is just to show you roughly ware it will be but a little bit higher lol. its getting there
  6. thats a really good build you have there juan-1 , keep this updated :) tell me was the MISHIMOTO radiator a straight fit ? thanks scott
  7. cool i just orderd the blue OBX hoses for my turbo build :)
  8. Apexi F/C controler , link , greedy E-manage,AEM , dastek. unless you have a few serious mods theres no point in spending loads of money on an ecu it will improve the power but not much, a full a straight threw exhaust system, manifold a good intake and high profile camshafts then i would maybe look at an aftermarket ecu to get the best out put the cams but if you only have an air filter and maybe a back box theres no point
  9. See iv done engine trasplates including my 1.8turbo .. dosnt matter if the engine is bigger or small its classed as a modification so insurance batters threw the roof the only good thing is your tax dosnt change.so you could have a 1.3corolla and put a huge supra engine in and change your.doscuments so its legit and you will still pay 120pound for tax or you could have a supra and say you put a 1.3 corolla engine in it lol you will still pay the high tax for the supra lol
  10. lol thanks dude :D yes alot of work but it is finally getting there i stay in dundee lol miles away from most of people on hear, lol the price for the conversion lol oofft alot lol buying the 1.4 and then bought a cheap t-sport to use all the parts from, that must have cost roughly 7grand together and i am in a 5 figure sum on just building up my engine and modifying a few bits on the shell :o lol i know how much it all cost every penny gone into the projecct to get it ware it is now and its fucking mental lol and its still not finished. you could buy the new toyota gt86 and still have a few pennies left over from what iv been told they will be getting sold for lol all fun tho am still a kid lol. about the MOTEC ecu what modifications do you have on your car the more mods the more effect it will have when setting it up ? unless you have a good built engine with a lot of mods theres no point in getting an ecu that cost that price. there are loads of ecu you can get that are half the price that will be just as good, also you can lower the point lift kicks in some you might need an extra controler to do so some have the abilty to do straight threw the ecu. OH and the turbo is a 0.70A/R 4"inlet air side and a 3" 0.82A/Ron the exhaust side lol KP 's the man on the 4a-ge BTW :D lol thank scott
  11. I have a circuit works oil pump they stopped making them tho :( and toda is better that toga.. i think people had problems with toga. yeah i seen MWR had that cheaper but the gear box its self is still no good lol . am needing to go for the E153 conversion as i know this will defo handle the power :)
  12. any engine can be turbod mate. as you see with my build. my engine used to be N/A
  13. top man for doing this, keep this up to date. what engine you running any good mods that made you go to this extreme? thanks scott
  14. thanks dude next update it will be on the dyno busting some BHP :)
  15. quick up date for people who havnt seen this yet i had to post up the pictures separate as it wouldn't load them all in one post but i now have my turbo. garret gt3582R and the tial external wastegate :)
  16. KP is one of the guys on hear :) there are a few t-sport gear boxes on ebay but there bout £400 pound . i have seen a few people breaking corollas on hear so you could give them a shout
  17. hears more pics incase some of yous havnt seen the latest. engine bay is painted all the powder coated parts are fitted . polly bushes are fitted. the fuel system is all finished all the brakes and flexis and suspension is fitted i just need to buy a turbo and wastgate and make a manifold ill update this again soon
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