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  1. I get the same, it's probably because we're not members of that site. If you register with it you should be able to view it.
  2. Hi, Ask Rash about it, he deals in cars so he'll be able to tell you what to look for or better still get him to get you a car, he has a good reputation on here for supplying good mr2's. ramotors@hotmail.com
  3. :!Removed!: an E reg metro 1.0l, it sounded like a bag of spanners :(
  4. :o looks pretty good there mate
  5. Hi, All i can say is try here... click me
  6. There was a program on bravo last night called boozing britian and there was a taxi on it that operates in the isle of man that had turned the back of the car into what the driver calls a disco it had flashing lights and a sub and really powerful speakers in the back and he had installed c.c.t.v with a screen in the front so he could keep an eye on who's in the back.
  7. Errrmm, yeah, something like jimlads? either way looks good with or without.
  8. Well if i ever see a purple MR2 while i'm out on my travels i'll know its you for sure! Is your lady after it now (or getting hers done)?
  9. B) That's cool, i'm pretty sure nobody else will have one like yours now! Have they done a good job then, are you happy with their work? the pics looks good
  10. Hi all, This might sound a bit dumb but on the n/a what does the battery meter thing actually tell you? the charge thats in the battery or if the altonator is charging it?? Thanks.
  11. Wow..... that looks the muts nuts, like the color.
  12. jez_1_2000


    This your new car then bud?
  13. so it's only a tad more powerfull than my 158bhp then :D
  14. go on spill the beans would be interesting to know what they can do (especially a almost nothing standard like yours)
  15. whats that... looks powerful!
  16. i thought about getting one of them trd short shifter things to see if that got rid of the clunk?
  17. This is a grim subject isn't it. My uncle got knocked of his cycle by a HGV about 9 years ago and the driver failed to stop, he spent a year in intensive care in a coma and had to have brain surgery, we were told several times he would not make it, after the 12 months my auntie was asked to decide if it's time to turn off the life support machine and after a lot of thinking she decided to turn it off and hope for the best, amazingly he kept on going and eventually come round again. He cant walk and his memory is screwed up atleast we've still got him. as far as we know the driver of the truck is still out there somewhere and might not even know he's done it. Anyway, my point is it's to early to point blame yet, there might not really be anybody to blame, as somebody has already said the driver of the car is probably in a really bad state and having a nervous breakdown somewhere. there a lots of different ways of looking at this and theories of what happened, maybe the young girl had allowed the child to run out on the road and is in a state of panic about it herself?, maybe the boy tripped and fell into the road? maybe the driver is to blame? we just dont know. I'm glad the parents are expecting another child though, i couldn't cope if i lost mine so atleast they have another baby on the way to give them something to live for and look forward to. Just my opinion.......
  18. I have clunky gears (mainly 2nd though) so i put redline mt90 in and it made no difference at all when it happens though, it goes into gear fine with no resistance and the sound (the clunk) appears as though its coming from the gear stick itself is that how it is for you guys??
  19. Cheers! My 2 Nice car Interior looks well cool B)
  20. Heard on radio 2 yesterday on my way to work that the pontiac trans-am a.k.a Kitt from knight rider is being auctioned off on ebay tomorrow. That's one cool car B) Hey jimlad, buy it so we can all have a good look :P :D
  21. and you have nearly a full tank of fuel....... rich you are...lol :D
  22. Unlucky :( just keep looking........
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