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  1. why you lot talking bout stayin up talk about celicas i got a st 202 love it its quite fast 4 a non turbo car about 177 bhp standard i want it just a little bit faster and il be happy with it so far decatted , powerflow exhaust , k & N air filter wt shud i do next ?????? ive reced some good cars such as renault meganne turbo integgra type r dc2 subaru legaccy subaru impreza ive done quite good with all ov em my mateds got the type r my main goal is to beat him he cant get far from me and wen im in front he cant overtake give me ideas relisticly want it 200 bhp as close as poss is superchip
  2. thanks 4 replying guys how wud i go about taking v6 out wer how costs how much difference wud it make also why does evey one say superstrut susspension is so good i was doing 90 around a bend and i got a slight wobble and could hear tires screaming urrrrrrrrrrr lol i love throwin my car around roundabouts love the feeling when back slides out is this how good susspension is as i reckon it somtimes slides alot or am i just crazy i dunno y but i think the car cant handle me normally it be guy cant handle car lol how much does it cost to go santapod n how does it work i wanna test my driving skil
  3. Dules

    celica st202

    trying to upload a pic
  4. i wana ask the same question but on a celica gt st202 non turbo just want it a little quicker and id be happy with it its about 177 bhp standard and gives known cars a good run eg integra type r dc2 and raced a magane sport turbo and didnt do bad 4 a standard 2.0 non turbo pic of my car www.crazybargains4u.synthasite.com thanks
  5. hello firstly here is link to my celica st202 www.crazybargains4u.synthasite.com tell me what you think , my goal is to make my celica 220 or atleast 200 bhp i wana know will gt4 head and cams fit str8 onto mine and what gains will i get ive only yet put a K& N air filter decatted and powerflow exhaust standard these are meant to be 177bhp and 0-60 is about 7.3 on mine (WHEN IT WAS STANDARD) ONLY LOWERED aint checked after k&N decatt and powerflow exhaust theres a vid on youtube title celica gt st202 0-60mph check it out n feel free to post comments, i was thinking to remap ecu & p
  6. not bad but mines better any permance mods www.crazybargains4u.synthasite.com chek it out
  7. www.crazybargains4u.synthasite.com chek this out tell me what you think ive got side skirts and tints left to do thats it on looks
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