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  1. Thank you for the information. How do I know which one to buy?!
  2. My car has passed its MOT with two advisories which are that the front and rear bushes are split and need replacing. The local garage can't seem to source them though. Does anyone know where I can purchase them from? Thank you! Otherwise its still going strong and I love it as much as when I bought it!
  3. If we can get back on topic... Can anyone recommend a good filter that isn't Fram?
  4. Problem is that the connector from the car seems like a universal plug thingy and there is nothing like that on the car horn I've bought. Just two bronze connectors!
  5. I was researching oil filters as best I could and the general consensus that I got was to avoid Fram.
  6. I think their oil and engine and pollen filter are manufactured by Fram, last time I checked.
  7. Incredibly old topic I know but I finally decided to fit the Stebel disc horn that I bought years ago to my Yaris. Unfortunately, the standard disc horn on my car has one simple connector that plugs into the disc horn and the Stebel has two bronze connectors. Is there any way that I can get an adaptor or something from the existing plug to then split into two and connect to the Stebel or have I just wasted money and bought the wrong horn for my car? Thanks.
  8. On the subject of oil filters, I'm in need of one for my Mark 1 Yaris. Could anyone make some recommendations for some good oil filters and where I can buy them from please? I've been using UFI oil filters over the last couple of years. Am steering clear of Fram! Thanks guys.
  9. I've bought a fantastic aftermarket CD player for my Mrk. 1 Yaris, however, I'm clueless how to fit it. Can anyone point me in the direction of a how to guide for dummies? Also, I've already got a six disc changer in the back of the car. Can I have them both going together or by fitting the new player will I be unable to use the existing six disc changer? I also apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong place! Thanks.
  10. PIAA blades are the best. God this is an old topic and my PIAA blades are still going strong!
  11. I'd recommend the EBC Greenstuff on the basis of price, excellent braking ability and long lasting too. I don't see much brake dust come off mine either. Thoroughly recommended ;)
  12. Here is a little tip. When you're in traffic or at the lights, put the handbrake on, put the gear in neutral and take your foot off the clutch. Move away when the lights are green or when traffic has moved on a fair bit. Regarding hill starts, same applies. Handbrake, then put the car in gear, bring it to bite, release handbrake and move off. Simples! That way your clutch lasts a lot longer and costs you much less if anything at all! My ex- used to always sit on the clutch in my Yaris and it drove me potty!
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