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  1. Not sure about this myself, but when yours arrives would be interested to know. :)
  2. Hi Sam!! I have 17 x 7J OZ Ultraleggera alloys on my car and have fitted 225/45/R17 tyres on it - just to add to your confusion!! I would recommend you go for either 225/215 45 R17's for your alloys, whichever you can get the cheapest.
  3. I only opted for R888 as I have a dedicated set of wheels for track use. If I had to choose a tire for both track and road I would go for the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08. re body roll, after I installed the eibach/bilstein B8 combination I don't have any problem with roll. Have either of you upgraded your rear ARB too? I fitted a Progress one to mine at the same time as the Eibach springs and body roll is virtually eliminated.
  4. Hi there! Did you fit your Eibachs and Bilsteins at the same time? I've just lowered my car on the Eibach springs but still using the standard shocks, so am considering upgrading to B8's like you. I've had no major problems so far as they've not even been on for a month yet, but I have heard the tyres rubbing when going over undulating bumps at speed. Would appreciate your input on this. :)
  5. Hi Sheepscloth! Am intrigued to find out how you got on with your new track rubber, any pics of your day to share? Cheers, Si
  6. Gents, read my previous posts. I run 225/45/27 tyres on mine and they're fine, in fact they are only +0.4% larger than the standard tyres which are listed in the TSport manual! I'm 99% confident they will also be fine when I fit my Eibach springs as others have also been running this size without problems. Grtz, I think you need to clarify when you mention your speedo difference that it's reading 6% LESS than your actual speed.
  7. I'll have a go at answering your question fella. It seems to me that you want to pointlessly "modify" the clutch of a motor you haven't even bought or driven yet, undoubtedly making it worse to use all because you believe the dual-mass flywheel is less reliable than a solid one. You're asking this, even when you have already had a conversion job done on a previous motor - so one would have thought you might have a clue about how to find out this information yourself! What makes you believe this "improvement" to your car is any more valid or relevant than the EXTENSIVE work KP or Luke have done modify their CTS? You're a touchy, internet forum troll who it seems loves to disagree and belittle people answering your pointless questions on here, most likely because as a man, you are hopelessly inadequate. What makes you think you can talk to people like that after your 7th post? You sir, are the one that needs to grow up.
  8. Recently I was chatting to my OH's Dad who is a mechanic and he suggested using a product called Holts Radflush to flush out the cooling system and heater matrix. I've bought myself some and am planning to give it a try, so I will let you know how it goes.
  9. Any chance you or GazzyG could share which one it is and where it's available? Cheers
  10. Further to my last comment, here's an interesting article from the Toyota Estima Owners Club that discusses some principles behind the levels of water to coolant mix and the benefits of using distilled water instead of tap water to fill up. Mixing Toyota Red Coolant with Water Food for thought?
  11. I think we're all agreed that if you own a Corolla from this sort of era and you're suffering problems with the heater, you have nothing to lose from performing the reverse flush procedure. I've still yet to do mine and am regretting not getting it done, the !Removed! thing takes ages before it manages to start chucking out any sort of warmth!!! Given that the majority of the UK is either hard/very hard water, it's safe to assume that the troubles can be attributed to the build up of scale on the matrix. I'm not sure if there's much you can do to prevent it from happening? Maybe someone else here has a better idea.... Urgh, Radweld. I've not seen too many people recommending this stuff, especially since it's only a temporary fix for what could be a rather serious problem. Coolant pipes do go straight into the heater matrix without any interceding valves, etc.
  12. Yeah there's an option you set when you enter your fuelling data to say that it's only a partial fill-up. This Fuelly FAQ will probably answer all your questions.
  13. Indeed it is. If you've signed up, where's your signature logo (like mine)? ;)
  14. I'll second that, the new one definitely looks like a rear coil spring.
  15. Be good to see you getting back on there and giving me someone else to compare against.
  16. Now that must have been a fun, lift-tastic drive!! Sounds like you're getting similar fuel economy to me there. Be good to see a few more of my fellow CTS owners signing up to Fuelly to monitor our consumption. I won't pester you Compressor owners as your fuel bills must be depressing enough without knowing your exact mileage....
  17. How are you working out that 13 mpg? Is that from the on-board trip computer? I'm not sure how reliable those are, because if mine is to be believed - I've averaged 56 mpg since I bought the car back in July!! Hence the reason i've signed up for a Fuelly account - and looky who I've found!! http://www.fuelly.com/driver/norfolknchance/corolla Well, i've just done my 2nd fuel up that monitored on Fuelly.com and I managed to achieve 27.5 mpg on the last tank. Thought that trip meter of mine was being a bit optimistic!!
  18. In that case, i'd expect that a bit of heat management would do you the world of good here!!
  19. Hi Guys, Just thought i'd post this quick question up, as I have a seriously mullered rear screen element!!! One of the previous owners must have not liked using the element, or used some sort of abrasive cleaner. I've noticed that the painted elements just seem to be falling off of the inside of the rear window if it gets slightly damp!! I was thinking about getting one of those repair kits and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and tried to fix it themselves? Si
  20. How are you working out that 13 mpg? Is that from the on-board trip computer? I'm not sure how reliable those are, because if mine is to be believed - I've averaged 56 mpg since I bought the car back in July!! Hence the reason i've signed up for a Fuelly account - and looky who I've found!! http://www.fuelly.com/driver/norfolknchance/corolla
  21. I now run a set of GT Radial Champiro HPX in the size 225/45/R17 and I have to say i've been really impressed. Speedo is now spot on accurate with my satnav, tyre noise is good, grip & handling improved immeasurably over the Pirelli P6000's (205/55/16) that came off. Oh and the best thing is, that the tyres have really solid shoulders - that are so solid they prevent me scraping the edge of the alloys against the kerb when parking!!! I will soon be switching to my recently bought Dunlop Wintersport 3D's though and these will be on the original alloys (205/55/16) again. I've read good reports about how these handle the wet, ice and snow so will report back when I've covered a few more miles.
  22. Rep given. And kudos to you in your attempts to save face. ;) Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  23. I get around 30mpg in my 2001 CTS, and average around 320-340 miles per tank depending on how brave i'm feeling!! Through experimentation, i've realised that you have about 5 litres left in the tank when the fuel gauge needle hits the "R" mark. I'm certainly no slouch when it comes to driving, but I try to drive it economically where possible.I have just started monitoring my fuel consumption using the Fuelly website so that should provide a more accurate record for me of how i'm doing. I'd recommend a few more of us join up and start keeping records! Wonder how the owners of CTR's get on with their fuel consumption? I'll bet it's significantly worse....
  24. Still haven't managed to find time for this and the temperature is gradually creeping lower!! Pimpchez, did you ever manage to give this another try?
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