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  1. Hi John - could you let us know how you're working out your fuel consumption? Presumably, if you're getting over 60MPG, you are using a manual method or your own meter. I'm up to 1700 miles, and still (manually calculated) getting low 50s, which I am disappointed with. I'm coming from a diesel Yaris which gave me c. 70MPG, and I was hoping based on the advertising to get over 60MPG in the IQ. I agree on the manoeuvrability of the car - a real strength, and also love its solidity on the road - it doesn't feel like a small car.
  2. You're right about that, and the IQ manual confirms that average fuel consumption resets after refuelling. (I haven't checked whether just opening and closed the petrol flap causes this, or whether you actually need to pump some petrol into the car.) Average speed might reset after stopping the engine, but I also haven't looked at that as I'm not too interested in average speed. I quoted the letter Toyota wrote me verbatim. They should have mentioned the reset on refuelling feature. What I found more surprising was that Toyota felt they needed to justify removing the standard reset with MODE button feature with some value for money balony. Unless this flat petrol tank is causing all sorts of metering problems, I struggle to see how much they might have saved and passed onto the consumer - £10?
  3. I queried the odd behaviour of the average fuel gauge with Toyota Customer Relations. I'd noted that it could not be reset (except by refuelling) and didn't go above 60 MPG. Toyota wrote back with the following: "The iQ has been designed to provide the customer with a high level of technological specification and safety features combined with value for money. Unfortunately, the average fuel consumption figures and average speed displays cannot be reset; this is a design specification and as such cannot be changed" So, Toyota actually designed my £11,500 car so that it doesn't permit you to reset fuel consumption by pressing and holding MODE. A very odd decision. I wonder how much money they saved by removing that feature. Also, "[The Toyota Technical Department] are aware that the displayed average fuel consumption figure cannot rise above 60 MPG even though we advertise the car as having the capacity to achieve 70 MPG. Reports have been sent to Toyota Motor Europe and Technical will continue to work with them on this issue" Sounds like there might be a little movement on the upper limit problem. They will get a lot of queries about the car's inability to tell you how frugal it is being.
  4. I've had exactly the same experience with USB sticks in the TNS 510. It is good to know that others have had the same problem. Toyota were not willing to take forward any investigation into the problem I reported to them. Now I've got iPod integration in place, I won't bother with the USB. It is a great idea, but hasn't been implemented properly.
  5. iPod integration The Sat Nav option also provides iPod compatibility, but only works if you also have the integration kit installed (around another £150). This provides a socket down by the gear stick, and a special cable which you use to connect your iPod to the socket. I had this put in last week, and today tried out a 4th Gen iPod Nano. It worked as well as expected, and provides fully integrated use of the iPod through the Sat Nav touch screen. This includes browsing by artist, album, song, playlist and displaying full details for the playing track. You can pretty much put the iPod in the clip-on briefcase and forget about it. As with any other iPod dock, it is charged as it is used, so there's no risk of the battery going flat. It is probably the neatest, tidiest, most featureful way of playing music in your IQ via the Sat Nav. (I also tried out stereo bluetooth streaming from my phone. It worked and was very impressive, but not much use to the driver who obviously cannot fiddle with selections while driving. The phone will also run out of battery fairly quickly. But this is a neat feature if one of your passengers even one sitting in the back would like to remotely and wirelessly control the music in the car.)
  6. I didn't get it installed but seriously considered it when configuring the car. I thought it would be cool to see on the Sat Nav screen a view of what's happening behind the car. My dealer showed me how it is fitted though, and described it as a 'pimple on your bum'. The camera is fitted in the middle of the boot hatch. I expected it to be out of sight somewhere around the window. It is an option which is only available if you have gone for the Sat Nav. Regards reversing help, the rear parking sensors are likely to be more useful.
  7. I've started manually calculating MPG based on fuel put in the car and distance travelled rather than reporting on the meter in the car. The last load averaged out at 53.6 MPG.
  8. I'm into my third week with the IQ and have made 4 or 5 visits to the petrol station. A trip to Scotland and back this week put me over 1500 miles in total. Most of the drive back from the Durham services was motorway and dual carriageway cruising at 60-70 mph. I too found that the trip computer is providing little useful information, and the journey averaged 60mpg, i.e. something over 60 since it won't go above this figure. I've therefore given up on the meter and will start working it out manually based on fuel pumped in and miles covered. I raised some queries with Toyota about the average fuel calculation (specifically how to reset the value), and they have a response which I'll add to this forum.
  9. Thanks for the link, but when I picked up the car, I got a full printed manual for TNS 510 and spent the first few days with the car reading it. The manual describes how the USB/SD/CD with MP3 features work and I followed the instructions. It also lists a number of USB sticks which it says it has tested with the TNS 510 and can confirm work. The list in the manual names sticks varying in size from 256MB to 16GB, so Toyota themselves do not state that problems are related to stick size. There are limitations on the number of files and folders the TNS will read (I think 250 and 999 respectively), so you'd never be able to fill a 16GB stick with files and expect the TNS to play them all. My experience is that the USB socket does not work very well for playing music files. I have tried 6 different USB devices with sizes varying from 1GB, 4GB, 8GB. None has worked correctly. In every case, the TNS 510 reads a proportion of the stick, but never all of it. It is very difficult to work out exactly which tracks it is choosing to list, but my estimate is that it picks 25% randomly selected from the stick. I've pointed out this behaviour to Toyota customer relations and their response from their technical people was that they wanted me to send them my datastick with my music on it so they could investigate further. They were not willing to take the case any further without it, and also were not willing or able to get their own datastick to check out whether it is a common problem or one which only I am getting. This forum is useful in trying to work out whether there is a common pattern to the problems reported. So please keep posting datasticks you've tried out and whether they work or not.
  10. Can you give a bit more detail on how you're getting on with this feature? I have not found it to work correctly and have read the manual in detail, specifically trying out exactly the USB data sticks which Toyota claim work correctly with the USB socket. There are very limited controls with the USB playback. No pause or stop and the folders appear to be randomly ordered making it difficult to find the one you want. The sat nav is also able to play WMA files provided they don't have DRM attached.
  11. Has anyone else gone for the TNS510 option on the IQ? I've been having a few problems with it and wanted to check with others how they are getting on. Toyota tell me it is made by Panasonic specifically for them, and the IQ is the first car to be fitted with it. They plan to add it to 5 cars in their range. It is expensive (c. £950), but is remarkably fully featured - with colour touchscreen display, traffic avoidance, integrated bluetooth handsfree, and options to play music files from CD, SD card or USB stick. The maps are on the SD card so if you want to play music off SD, you have to take out the maps first. The sat nav has nice integrated features so that it goes into night-mode when the lights come on. I've found very little (i.e. none) information about it on the web and my dealer didn't know anything about it, and doesn't have any cars with it fitted. The TNS510 also has an AUX in socket. This means the one down by the gearstick (which is in fact a better position than top of the dash) is blanked out. There's also support for iPod integration, but you have to buy the integration kit for this to work. The integration kit adds an extra socket and a special cable to plug into your iPod. You can then pretty much fully control and charge your iPod via the TNS510 - so the manual says. I don't have this option (or an iPod) yet, so will report back when that's sorted. And an option to add DAB radio (again pretty expensive - I think it was another £300). The problem with the system which is mostly occupying me at the moment is that it does not read the USB sticks correctly. No matter which stick I've plugged in, the TNS510 only reads about 20% of it - randomly selected and ordered apparently. You don't have an option to search or reorder files in the display, which could make it difficult to find things if you wanted to select something particular. I've reported this issue to Toyota Customer Relations. They haven't yet got back to me with any response. I'll let you know if I hear something. It would be useful to know if others are having the same experience as me, or if the USB socket works correctly.
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