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  1. Hi there, Thanks for the reply.. Nope, no sunroof. I actually read that post you linked, that's what made me think it would be that gutter, but it hasn't made any difference at all. Maybe I need to redo it, or I might try and seal the trim in place if you see what I mean, but to be honest I cleaned it all up before applying the sealant and there didn't seem to be any damage at all anyway. Confused!
  2. Hi everyone, A few weeks ago I posted about a leak I have coming into the driver footwell. Well, the book is also leaking pretty badly. I have stripped out as much trim as possible and put my hand up inside the roof pillar at the back of the car and it is soaking wet. The leak into the driver footwell is coming in right in the crease of metal to the right of the accelerator pedal, and there is no dampness behind the pedals up towards the windscreen. So logically I think there is one leak in the roof that is running down both ends of the car (wetness in boot is on the drivers side too). So on Sunday, I went out and took the gutter trim off and put a shed load of sealant underneath it and replaced. I also removed the gas strut from the boot on that side and sealed and replaced. This made no difference at all. I am totally at a loss as to where this might be coming in from now, does anyone have any experience of this or any suggestions where to have a stab at sealing next? The car is 11 years old, but looks great and is mechanically perfect, I really don't want to have to ditch it because of a water leak.. Cheers Chris
  3. Hi there, thanks for the tips, all good advice and I have tried this. I'm still stumped by it though, and I was hoping for some further ideas. I have lifted the carpets and actually its soaked underneath, with standing water. the middle of the carpet (underneath) is wet through, but I cant see any dampness at the edges which is why i'm confused and the chalk trick didn't really show anything obvious. I have checked the door seals, the windscreen seals and the rain gulley's and they all seem unblocked and fine, so I just cant think where this might be coming from! There are metal plates in the floor of the foot well itself and i'm wondering if rain could be coming down the drain gulleys and seeping in through these sealed plates, have you ever seen that before? If so, I may as well get some sealant and re-do these. Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi all, I have noticed lately a damp patch that consistently appears in the drivers side footwell. It's not soaking wet, just damp. I cant find any dampness around the edges of the carpet, there is just a damp patch right in the centre, so i'm finding it hard to work out which direction the water is coming in from. Any ideas on the best place to start the search? Cheers Chris
  5. Hi there, thanks for the reply. The patch is still on the drive, I thought the same. Its quite a big patch too, more than a few drops. Thought it was odd it didn't leak any during the day.. I did have the gearbox oil changed last year, so I doubt its got really low in that time. ,,in
  6. Hi all, I have a 03 1.8 vvti. This morning I noticed a wet patch on the driveway, which seemed clear and quite watery but smelled oily. I had a quick look under the car and there is quite a lot sludge and dampness around the diff but I can't tell where its coming from. Do the diff and gearbox share the same oil on my car, and is this something to worry about? After a day at work there was nothing where I had been parked. Cheers Chris
  7. By the way, is it normal to have a little play in these pulleys? like, 2mm or so?
  8. Great, thanks for the answer Black Knight! The question is where do I get this part from, is it called something other than the ider pulley? I tried calling my local dealer and they couldnt seem to locate the part on their system and I cant find any after market ones in this country! Thanks again.
  9. Hi again, Thanks again for your help, I have attached a picture of the part I am on about (arrow points to it). I have found these for sale in the States but cant find them over here?
  10. Hi there, Thanks for the reply.. So to clarify, the pulley i'm talking about is the one at the very back of the engine, not the tensioner itself. I think its the one where the power steering pump would have been if it wasnt electric?
  11. Hi all, For months i've been trying to track down the cause of a really really light whistling noise at speed that seems to be coming from the right front side when driving. Had the serpentine belt changed today in an effort to stop this irritating noise and the guy said (when I asked him, he wasnt going to say anything) that there was very slight play in the idler pulley. My question is, can this pulley be replaced separately and cheaply, or is it a case of having to change the whole tensioner assembly and tensioner pulley as well? Thanks!
  12. Guys, can I get some advice? My car has been making a faint very high pitched whistle from the front end (drivers side front wheel I think) for months and I can't pin it down at all. I have lifted every wheel and checked for play, roughness or anything catching and I have also checked the drive shafts for play as well as the boots. I'm 90% sure it's the wheel bearing but haven't heard them make this sort of noise before, has anyone else? The noise is fairly constant, and only changes according to the vehicle speed. Cheers
  13. Tay

    Whistling Noise

    Yes that makes sense, I bought an Avensis for similar reasons I suspect (kids everywhere). Been a great family motor, but things do seem to be going wrong all over the place now, already spent £400 on it this year and now this too. Thing is, I would get it done but have no idea if it is the bearings and if it is, which wheel it is! I dont want to just spend more money guessing at it.. Sometimes I wish things would just break. At least then you can get it fixed!
  14. Tay

    Whistling Noise

    Hi there, I have tried the wing mirrors too actually, well i have tried folding them in for a few minutes and it didnt make any difference, but then they havent been damaged anyway. Got to be a wheel bearing hasnt it? Just such an unusual noise for them to make in my experience. I guess i'll have to wait for it to get worse, as I dont think its possible to pin it down to one wheel at the moment and I dont want to just chuck money at it. How long did yours go one for making that noise until it was bad enough to get fixed?
  15. Hi all, Well 2012 seems to be the year for weird noises on my car! I started to notice this one about two months ago and it seems to be getting more consistent and noticeable. It is a very high pitched whistle, almost like a dog whistle or old style kettle coming to the boil. Very faint but clearly 'there'. It is speed related. On the motorway I have tried putting the car in neutral, applying the brakes and changing gear but the noise remains consistent and unchanged whatever I do. I have jacked up all four wheels and checked for play in the bearings and also spun each wheel to make sure nothing is catching and I can find anything obvious. I have also checked all door/window seals and they are all in good shape. Any ideas what this could be? I'm inclined to think it is a wheel bearing, just starting to go bad but I’m not used to them creating this sort of high pitched sound. It’s driving me nuts now! Thanks
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