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  1. scol78

    Auras Key Fob

    Do Toyota do a better fob ?
  2. Is there an after market key fob/remote for the Auris ? Spent £24,000 on a great car,but have the cheapest plastic key fobs going
  3. These are the setting i have on both phones still cant get either to work
  4. what are the settings you have on the phone and car,only our Auris won't read or right either iPhone 4 or 6
  5. We have iPhones 4 and 6 and are unable to send/receive messages on a new Auris Hybrid.Bluetooth connects straight away with both phones,everything works fine but the messaging. Settings on both phones are BluetoothON,show notifications ON,sync contacts ON. Is there anyone else having the same problems.? Toyota Q and A on their site doesn't give any other settings to apply
  6. Expecting my 2016 Hybrid March 1st,I've been trying to find the Thule roof feet and fitting kit for the Excel with the glass roof. Theres no mention on the Thule site with the glass roof kit. Any one know which foot and fitting kit i may need ? I have the Aero Bars Thank you
  7. I have the 3 year service plan with farmer and carlisle in Leicester costs £11 for the IQ and £10 for the Yaris per month
  8. Does anyone know if the chrome wing mirrors covers i`ve recently seen on the new models will fit a 09 IQ 1 model
  9. Ive got the 3 year service plan £10.98 for a Yaris and £10.50 for a IQ.Leicester
  10. I`m trying to get an IQ and Yaris in a dual policy .Every where i`ve tried the IQ which is smaller, cheaper than the Yaris always comes out £50 more.I think i`m gonna have to go back to seperate companies. Who are you with and how much.? Best so far is churchill with £217 for the Yaris and £252 for the IQ
  11. Yes first thing i did when i got my IQ. Bourght both boot and door garnishes. But did find they are only plastic for quite alot of money.
  12. I have had my IQ lowered now for 2 days,the difference is fanstastic. There is no lean into corners at all,seems a bit stiffer but thats what i wanted.Got the H & R ones from ebay £125 from Germany took 5 days to come which is probably quicker than ordering them from here. 35mm lower and have took it over all the major speed bumps with no clipping at all. I would recommend it to everyone.
  13. Where did you get your springs from ? Is there a difference in the variuos makes of spring ,are some better than others ?
  14. I`m getting conflicting reports about lowering my IQ,i have been told by my local dealer that it will not make a noticable difference in the handeling. My question is simple really. Will i get rid of the role on cornering ? Do i go 25 or 35 mm lower ? Will i notice the difference ? Or is it all, a boy racer thing ?
  15. lol.... Message understood... Will post soon! What springs have you used Tallman ? Could ask if a dealer fitted them or not and how much did you pay for the fitting ?
  16. scol78

    The Stereo

    Of coubik you can, its all in the manual
  17. scol78

    Gap Insurance

    Click4gap for me half dealers price
  18. scol78

    Key Ring

    Got mine from fleabay. Nothing from my dealer and i had a yaris and IQ
  19. scol78

    Key Ring

    Hope your all got one
  20. I bourght a yaris and IQ at the same time i pay £11 for each car per month for 3 years and will get a fastrak Saturday am service,i think that is a good deal
  21. scol78


    A purple one in Loughborough A white one in Shepshed And a black one in the garden centre at Wyvale in Leicester. 3 in one day but not one in the previous 6 weeks since ive had it
  22. I have had my TR for 6 weeks now,its great.I traded in £20,000 (well when it was new)new shape Civic EX fully loaded,all the toys for this and love it. I was a bit panicky in the beginning about using the stop/start but now i`m used to it and have no doubts its a very efficient fuel saver. My travelling time to and from work is about a hour each way my car is in eco drive for 10 minutes of this.So over a month this has to be quite a good fuel saving.You will love the car
  23. Im after some alloy wheels for a new 1.3 Yaris.Just wondering if anyone knows the nut centres and the off set. I would imagine its 100/45 offset but carnt find any info in the manuals
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