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  1. Happy Birthday macman05!

  2. Unsure if the Gen 6 has the pollen cabin filter, I have the gen 7, and also had a "stale" smoke like smell coming thru the air con system for a while... so i went to my local auto care store and brought a couple of these... they are like flea bombs for the car, except the mist is sucked into the air con system and it deodorizes the hosing and vents.. I had to let off a couple over a couple of weeks, but the stale smell has now gone :-) Worth a try.. This is what I brought, but your local store/country may have something similar :-) Air con cleaner
  3. Cheers man :-) Well Im in New Zealand, so Im not sure what it would be in UK.. I used this company, www.rve.co.nz
  4. Hi everyone, Recently, I was debating wither to sell my celica and buy a new car... I thought, naaah! I love my celica..lets just make it even BETTER. Found an awesome company which specializes in interior make overs.. booked her in. I was speechless when I collected the car a week later. It just looks freakin awesome now! it even feels like a NEW car. And has that new car smell too. God I love this car. Check out the pics below :-) What do you think?
  5. Here is a pic of my baby... pity it was a photo from a speed camera.... LOL But she does look glorious if I do say so myself.... :-)
  6. Remove the centre console and see if you can see that helps you locate the sound. Could be a fan catching, or as I see you have a none stock head unit (stereo/sat nav) is it the dvd drive inside the unit making the noise? (unplug it from power and see if it does it). Thanks Hi There Thanks for the reply :-) - I have removed the console but there is nothing obvious that stands out. Nothing behind the GPS (There is actually a little bit of room back there, as the GPS is LCD so quite thin. (I pulled out the useless japanese sat nav (doesnt work in NZ) and made a custom GPS unit instead. Not the headunit as 1. I dont listen to CDS (so 90's!) lol - and the unit was not powered on when I recorded vid.. But I do think it is the fan system, as even with the ac unit powered off, I can always hear some kind of mechanism initializing back there somewhere, which I can only assume is the ducting system perhaps?
  7. Hi guys As of lately, and only when starting the vehicle from cold, I get a strange clicking sound coming from the dash area, somewhere between the glove box and air vents (Thats as best as I can describe it). It last for about 20 odd seconds and then goes away. I have climate air con model, my uneducated guess is possibly something to do with the venting system? But oddly if the air con unit is completely off, it still does it. I managed to quickly whip out my phone and record a video while it was doing it the other day, any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Here is the link to the video...
  8. No, there is no fuses behind stereo. Only the side panel (by your leg) As a previous poster mentioned... Check the interior fuse panel by the side of your left leg, you will see two large 7.5amp fuses near the top the far one (nearest the bulk head) serves the clock & power mirrors as well as audio system, cig lighter & glove box light. (BUT CHECK BOTH) Especially check the weird 7.5 amp fuses (the ones with about 5 prongs on them), inspect them carefully as the breaks in the fuse lines may not look immediately obvious at first etc.. I had to buy a replacement from toyota dealership as its a strange fuse which isnt available in normal auto shops (Well over here in NZ anyways). The only other fuses are in the engine bay, near the battery. Hope that helps
  9. Here you go buddy.. Just follow these instructions and it will reveal the four bolt type screws needed for removing the stereo :-) Removing centre console in celica gen 7
  10. The new alarm system doesn't come cheap!! lol
  11. OMG how awful... I dont think I would of coped, had the vehicle been "new"... at least that particular scum bag was put behind bars..
  12. There is nothing more gut wrenching, than walking back to your car after work... Only to find this has happened! Some low life scum has smashed my tinted window, broken the little rain guard thing above the window and spewed glass all thru out the car.. Pic doesnt show all the glass, as I only thought to take a photo during the clean up... Thankfully, the day before, I had decided to wire up multiple sirens to my alarm system, so it makes a HELL of a noise when it goes off hehehe... So dont think they had time to get much... thankfully no attempt was made to rip the audio system (which is expensive!!) face plate was in my bag and so was radar (thank god). Sub was anchored down with security cabling to chassis. My iPod was the only thing taken, and they had to rumage thru the centre glovebox to find it. f*&kers! Such a pain having to get a new window put in and then have it tinted again. Grrrrrr Im gonna install internal ear bleeding sirens now. *grin* Who else has been violated in such a way with their celica?
  13. Thanks man :-) They are "halo projector" lights, I first saw them on ebay, so thats a good place to start.. just search "celica halo" and you should find em :-)
  14. Hi guys Soo, I have had my butterfly value out of my air box now for a few months, while I love the extra growl the engine makes... I have read in a couple of places that the removal of this butterfly value could actually be decreasing engine performance... can anyone confirm this theory? As I have had a couple of situations where the engine did seem a bit bogged down, especially when taking off in cold conditions.. i.e cold engine start and cold temps outside etc. But most of the time it feels ok.. Would love to get confirmation thou.
  15. Ok, I fixed it! - it turned out to be "that one fuse"! that was stuck tight and had about 5 prongs on it.. turns out, its a "multi-fuse" and my local auto shop had never seen one like it, lol - greeeeeat... luckily there was a large toyota dealership near my house and their service department ordered me one, over night.. $16 bucks later! all is working and the red glow is alive in the car :-)
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