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  1. Hi all, whats the difference between TRD and TTE, if any ? If I'm being a fool, you are more than welcome to run me over in a Corolla wearing a TRD or TTE badge
  2. Would an induction kit make any difference to a 1.6? How much extra BHP? Since its the 1.6, would a cheaper brand do the trick? Thanks
  3. Been on the lookout for a bargain Tsport (to offset the insurance!). A mate has a 53reg Tsport, which he will be selling soon and has given me a very good offer. I have read about the difference between pre/post facelift i.e interior. I have also read that the newer ones have stiffer suspension - does that mean the whole suspension system was uprated or just the springs? Would I be better off waiting and paying more for the facelift?
  4. Thank you people. I would have liked to go above 90 (only for testing purposes :D ), but was a bit worried I might give the engine a sudden stroke! What would be the maximum (or safe) MPH for each gear, if you don't mind me asking. Cheers again.
  5. I took my T3 on the motorway for the first time. I was doing about 80, and the engine seemed to be loud! Also the rpms were pretty high for 5th gear. Is this normal? Will driving at that speed damage the engine? Can the noise from the engine be reduced (better sound-proofing). Hope you can help Thanks in advance
  6. Great Info The handling, although not perfect, is fine for the type of driving I do. Don't really want to start doing chasis mods if the engine can't pull any harder. Plus, it will make the wait for a CTS more fun !!!
  7. Hi all, I own a Corolla T3 1.6 VVTI (Wanted a T Sport, but because of age/experience the insurance clerk couldn't stop laughing ). Anway, until I have my full NCB, I am stuck with the 'normal' car. Has anybody managed to get some extra performance out of the 1.6? Don't mind spending a few extra shillings just to make overtaking a bit easier Any pointers/advice will be greatly welcome! Cheers
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