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  1. job done........easy when u know how, the handle slides slightly then off it comes
  2. the electric window on the drivers side of my mk2 do not work although they do when they are in the mood sounds like a loose conection,the trouble im having is how to remove the door cards,i can get everything off but the door handle,the one you pull to open,there is one screw in this but when i take this out the handle does not want to shift anywhere,any help would b great,i can find how to take appart everyother door card but not the 2nd gen surf please help.......cheers
  3. mrrayy

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    my hilux
  4. the o/d light started flashing the same time as the speedo stopped working on my ln130,the o/d seems to be working and the whole thing started working for .2 of a mile last week,i heard a small clunk prior to this,any ideas anyone, cheers
  5. thanks for the replys so far,i have joined www.hiluxsurf.co.uk,good site,it seems a job to big for my trusty hammer to fix alone but armed with this info i wont seem like a total idiot at the garage.
  6. hi everyone, my surf ln130 is pulling hard to the left i have checked tyre pressure and thats normal, being keen to learn i want to try and fix this problem my self(if i can, and no specialist tools required) i have fixed a few things on the surf but i have not been near the steering anyone got any ideas what i should do next,any help would be great......thanx.....if the job is to hard for me anyone know a good place in edinburgh or nearby who would fix it for me ;)
  7. hi all,anyone help with this,the engine check light came on as i overtook a lorry on the motorway and restricted me to 60mph untill i came to a roundabout a mile or so away then it went out,this happened twice on the journey but now she runs fine, any ideas on what caused this.i have an LN130 auto.
  8. thanks andy im a good bit wiser now,cheers :D
  9. hi all thanks for the welcome :) being totally new to the 4x4 scene can anyone tell me how i go about putting my surf into 4x4 mode,its an auto and bought without any manual,the seller was clueless as he only had it for a week or so,so that means im clueless as to what to do,a step by step guide as to what possition the selector should be in p,n etc would be great,might sound a bit daft but there again i am in fact any beginner stuff would be great, thanks all.
  10. hi everyone,just saying hello to all,i went out to buy an estate car and came back with a surf,best car ive had ,endless possabilities
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