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  1. Hello, could anyone give a suggestion why my emina 2.2 diesel steering is heavy first thing, checked fluid and belt, many thanks.
  2. can anyone suggest possible causes, no apparent play anywhere, rear shocks and springs off ebay fitted, no difference. thanks for looking, waiting for help please.
  3. has anyone got 4 15 inch alloys with useable tyres to fot emina? please contact with price, thank you.
  4. E.L.O. Can anyone tell me the meaning of AERAS? it is a version of Emina, thanks in anticipation.
  5. has anyone got a spare black tailgate for a 1998 emina or the plastic handle/lock surround, preferably 30 mile radius of Halifax, please let me now the price you want. Thanks, Allan.
  6. will my 2.2td pull a 5 birth van? what should I change or add to cooling system or autobox? many thanks in anticpation.
  7. please could anyone help with location of fuse for nearside door window, many thanks in advance, grump.
  8. E.L.O. Grump here, has any one got a sump to sell to me, as mine is now a collander, your's hopefully, Allan Greenwood.
  9. E.L.O. Grump here, I have now taken possesion of my first toyota, this has covered 147 k's, just had a timing belt change, is there anything I should be looking at? Thank's in anticipation, Allan.
  10. E.L.O. Grump here, thank's for the welcome, I am sat waiting for the dealer to telephone and say the car is ready to pick up, as I type this, I will start asking questions soon hope fully. Allan.
  11. E.L.O. Grump here, I have just joined your forum and will shortly get my first ever Toyota, I am looking forward to running this car and any information would gladly be accepted, your's Allan.
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