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  1. Hi I have got a 1995 2.2td Estima and last night the headlights decided not to work properly, I only have sidelights no dipped or main beam, I have checked the 2 fuses and also changed the relay ( although it is from a scrap yard but I didn't think it was a common thing for relays not to work ) but still nothing, I also do not get the blue light on the dash when I turn main beam on. any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Martin.. Another thing that I might have noticed was the lights would get brighter when I was driving not sure if this happened or it was my imagination didn't pay to much attention until they stopped working it only happened a couple of times.
  2. Hi I am trying to locate the flasher unit on my 1995 2.2td estima, does anyone know where abouts it is. When it was working I think it was coming from somewhere behind the dash but as it is not working now I havn't got a clue where to look. Cheers Martin.
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  4. You dont need a tool to read the obd, just join the two contacts together TE1 and E1 turn on the ignition the O/D light will flash constant if you have an auto box and count the number of flashes from the engine management light. If the lights is a constant flash then there is no problem if not it should be a number of flashes then a pause then a number of flashes this is your error code. Here is a link explaining it. http://uktoyotaestimasite.tripod.com/obdcodes.htm
  5. Hi I have a owners manual for a Estima/Emina if you give me your email I can send you it, it is in a pdf format... Martin
  6. Hi I have just got a lucida estima grey import, just wondering does anybody know what the triangle shaped thing on the rear spoiler is? I think it is some sort of light as I can see a bulb of some kind inside. any help would be appreciated as i am baffled and cant seem to get it to do anything if it does do anything... regards Martin.
  7. Hi I think you will find the red switch is for the rear fog light which is added after to imported cars, my lucida has one and that operates my rear fog.
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