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  1. I have managed to source another cut valeo key, and will remove the chip inside and replace with the one ive got when it comes. Im also unsure if the year of the car and associated transponder chip matters as some people have intimated, but they are not 100% sure? the key i have purchased is around 3 years newer than my car although still the same shape, i.e. the avensis mk2 53-09?
  2. Thanks for you post Sam, This is the bit I find unclear, could you perhaps elaborate on this "Then remove the key and reprogram again." Thanks. You can erase all the keys and start over by turning a working master key 6 times and then opening and closing the door 7 times. Then remove the key and reprogram again.
  3. Fitter, Thanks alot for the PDF attachement. Do you have the instructions for programming the new key to the ECU for engine start? I appear to have programmed the remote central locking and doors correctly to date, which is indicated on the PDF. Any info or knowledge on this would be gratfully recieved.
  4. Sorry to raise this again with the following link in mind. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62528&st=0 Can someone please advise the step by step procedure for erasing the previously registed keys to the immobliser. This is the 6 key turns & 7 door opening procedure, what is the next step for registering the new key to immobliser? Do you go straight to turning the existing master key 5 times and door opening 6 times. The add key procedure isnt working fully, althought the dash LED is blinking differntly but reverts back to default after the 60 seconds. The rem
  5. hi tczwoju, thanks for the info, will try again over the weekend and let you know. cheers sparky77
  6. For anyone who is interested in this thread, I have found that turnig the key from ACC to ON on the ignition barrell is now acting on the ECU, with the tuning the key x 5 and opening and closing door x 6. Before turning from off to on wasnt allowing me into the ECU programming mode. The LED is now blink in x3 and x4 sequences, which it wasnt doing before. Unfortunatley the LED resorts back to the nomal 1 second blink after the minute and appears not to have programmed the new key. I am reluctant to carry ou the erases seqeunce incase the working master I have doesnt respond after this. Could a
  7. Tczwoju, There has been no change to the LED status upon completion of the key and door procedure, its just a steady flash every second - just as the LED would normally operate without the key in it! My only hope may be to give this another go tommorow evening - only quicker and post the feedback to help others who may come across this problem. Thanks for the info. Regards Sparky.
  8. Hey, Firstly, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this post - Tcwoju your help has been excellent I have managed to progrsm the locks with the fob. It would appear from reading the previuos posts that I have achieved the hard bit! The immobliser is the bit I am still struggling with? I have again done the key in x 5 and the door x 6 without any success. The LED still blinks as usual during this progress. Is anyone one aware familuar with the Chips in the transponder unit, I would assume if I have the doors working from the fob that the chip is the coorect typr ? I had also tried the eara
  9. I have tried the ignition 5 times and the door 6 times. the new key still isnt being programmed. I have also tried the delete sequence with same results :-(( Sparky
  10. Still no joy? I must be doing something fundamentally wrong. There is no difference in the flashing LED on the dash. Did anyone else have this problem!
  11. Ok I will give it another try with the ignition x5 and door sequence x6 for adding key. Thanks
  12. Guys, I can confirm that nothing has worked so far and it is proving extremelly frustrating. Could I possible have the wrong transponder in the new key? I took both keys apart and the part numbers on both the transponders appears to be different. Any help would be greatful.
  13. Hi Tczwoju, Thanks for the info, I will try to follow the procedure and let you know how I get on. Cheers.
  14. Hi tczwoju, Is the delete procedure you refer to, the rewrite procedure as refered to in the link? Thanks Mark
  15. Hi tczwoju, I have a 53 T4 1.8, I will need to consider looking at deleting the keys already stored, although i am relucatant as i have only 1no. black master key!
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