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  1. lmao! its the only kinda,sorta, clear pic i have of me where you can get an actual idea of what i look like.. the loo pics always seem to occure on a fri/sat night..as this one did last friday when i managed to get THEE most drunk i have EVER been at my boyfriends footy presentation.. Maybe not the best time to have done it eh!?! Lol
  2. Heya again all.. just posted a quick hello as i know ive not been on in months.. so Hi to anyone thats not read it!. as explained..been running the celica a couple of month now so ready to get her modded! Still in need of alloys, spoiler , etc.. anyone breaking a celica?, selling bits? know of anyone selling any bits?.. any info appreciated! ive got the 1996 ,white, st :) cheers
  3. Hi again all! spoke to a few of you a couple of month back when i first got the celica!.. being the numpty i am, completely forgot my login details.. only just worked out how to get back on! (DOH!) i shall be in the toyota section requesting some bits soon, since ive been running it a few month and she seems ok its time to start the mod's! may also be at santapod sunday , i imagen a few of you are going! :D And just so you can put a face to a name! .. :D xox
  4. Hiiiiiii :D Me too !! . wooo are u going sunday !? P reg, White, standard at the minute plan on starting the modification a.s.a.p thankyou!! :D
  5. Hi guys!!.. Sooo ive had my grubby celica for a week now & still not got round to any more than a quick soapy wash ( i sooo knew that would happen) I AM determined to get her sparkly for this sunday's MFN (dunno if any of you attend??,.. if not then think about it!! it would be a bit cool havin a row or 2 of toyotas/celicas!! ) .. Anyway.. shes white & got loads of bedded in grime.. im just wondering what you'd all recommend? Dad keeps saying '' Couple of t-cuts..washes..and a polish'' .. But im not so sure!?.. Anyone recommend anything good for getting the embedded crap out!? .. Cheers My Dears !! :D P.S somthing that makes it a nice and easy job.. i usual get bored half way threw & dad usualy storms off in the house with a ''headache'' ... oh .. n that was when washin the old KA.. let alone the celica.. thats 3 times bigger & 10 times dirtier !! x
  6. not read the rest of the post..cba..lol.. But i really want one on my wrist.. Im the girliest girl ever ( wimp! ) & i seem to regret everything.. so a tatoo's probably not the best idea for me.. but i still weally weally want one!! .. X
  7. A pretty signature? ...
  8. ha ha ha so much more than my lifes worth!. Yes lets gate crash :D ... Bad boy toyotas VS old boy 'prezas Im gunna shush now cos im spamming tigers thread x
  9. yeh but.. smooth or crunchy peanut butter ?
  10. i want to come to santapod sunday :'( but ive been roped into 2 scooby meets with the father !! .Its ok tho i have a plan... Im going to arrive in an outfit that daddy wouldnt approve of.. big heels, hotpants, and loads of makeup... he wont ask me to go again!! x
  11. is it not driveable?.Are you not in a position where you can get to a toyota meet or 2 in it and then maybe one of the guys that knows there stuff could help you!. im sure someone will?!.. x
  12. i know im knew to TOC. but i think it would be brilliant to go down together!! .. Im new to the car shows , first time ive owned a half decent car so for me it'd be quite excitin! x
  13. hello and welcome from ireland you got a stunning car thankyou thankyou! :D im a bit obbsessed with ireland! i only have so many items on my to do list and im half way there with my car & job, i now just want to flit to ireland haha x
  14. owh ! another thing! check you will definetly get your warranty, cos when i went to buy mine, i read that id get 6 months warranty, when i paid, he decided to tell me that because it had high mileage that didnt apply,so i didnt get any!.. just make sure u dont get stung ..x
  15. well .. to be honest im in the same boat as you at the moment, you just cant say whether they will be sound or not , its a risk you take when buyin a car with high mileage.. but with having the history you have a good piece of mind!. also toyota engines are built to last if looked after properly . hence why i went for one.. My dads owned a few and the guys at toyota have always told him that toyota engines are barely bedding in at 100,000+ miles ( but i dont know how true that is ) . i must admit, ive had a few cars that havent even reached average mileage for their years, and ive never trusted one of them like i do my celica with the over the odds mileage!. Ive had a mate that went and bought a BRAND NEW C2 (i know were talking citroen now) but that had about 4,000 miles on the clock, it came from a garage, and he had endless trouble with it, to the point it went back.. therefore.. mileage doesnt neccessarily have anything to do with it surely ?. Dads also had the same with a Mits l200 with under average mileage.therefore.. mileage doesnt neccessarily have anything to do with it surely ? Go for it.. its what you want.. and what will be will be! if it turns out a shed.. just remember.. it was meant to be a shed.. and forget everything ive told you ha ha !! . good luck with the decision makin! x
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