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  1. Does anyone have a document which they can share where its shows what is covered so i can take this up with as my evidence?
  2. Yep my car is only 4 years bought pre-registered only has 11k on the clock so why is toyota (jemca edgware road) saying i got to pay for it?
  3. So spoke to toyota today they advised its not covered under warranty. And they want £150 for it parts and labour.
  4. Yeah my dealer wants £65 to change the bulb. I wasn't aware it was part of a warranty, but thanks will give them a call
  5. Hi, Does anyone know how to replace the 3rd brake / center brake light? Thanks in advance Jay
  6. I managed to hardwire the dashcam to the fuse for the cig works like magic. Now tomorrow i need to do my lexus.
  7. Thanks, do you which fuse I can use?
  8. Hi All, My Dad has Toyota Auris TR (58) we have just bought a nextbase dashcam, I would like to know where I can hardwire the dash cam into fuse box, does any one know which one suitable is? Thanks Jay
  9. Thanks guys, I think I'm going to try pagid as i can get some discount of my cousin. @ Omar, no this does not include labor to be honest Toyota labour is expensive in my opinion
  10. Hi I have a Toyota Auris 1.4 D4D 58 plate, can anyone recommend any good brake pads and disk for the front as Toyota are quoting me £220.02P? Thanks in advance.
  11. The problem on mine was where the cable goes to the transmission unit the clips that hold cable in place broke. Had it temporilly held in by cables ties. I no longer needed as I got rid of that car. Thanks for your reply thou.
  12. Hi thanks for the reply. Yes you're right it is both cables. Nearly had a heart attack when the guy on the phone told me the price. Thanks will contact Kingo
  13. Hi all, Does anyone where i can get replacement gear cable from for E12 toyota corolla 1.4 vvti? My toyota dealership just quoted me £352 + vat = £422.00 Thanks
  14. jayt13

    Gear Changes

    thanks, how easy is to change the gearbox oil and check the fingers on the pressure plate? Just looked in the haynes manual and it doesn't clearly say unless I'm missing something.