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  1. Ok well thats confirmed it for reliability! If one pops up I think we will buy it! :D Thanks for your help, its appreciated! By the way, what sort of MPG can be expected? is there any kind of "safe zone" for high speeds.. obviously bouncing off the limiter is not going to help it on the autobahn.. but what would a good cruiseing speed be? 85-90 ? Cheers again!
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anybody can give me any pointers on the 1991 corolla GTi? How reliable are they at high mileage? Say 140k.. also, are there any common faults to watch out for.. distributor , headgasket etc? Me and a mate are looking at doing a 2500mile trip in one (potentially) and Nurinbergring (spelling) would be on the cards. So far we have narrowed the cars down to the corolla (depending on what you guy say), or the 1989 civic/crx 130bhp version. Me being 6ft 4 concerns me alittle aswell, how much room do the corollas have in them? Thanks for your help :D
  3. Ok thanks for the help guys! :D I will keep an eye out for different cars and see what comes up... I quite fancy a 1989 CRX to be honest, they look like they are quite light with good mpg... thats if a piston doesnt launch in to orbit when on the autobahn
  4. Hi guys! I'm not 100% sure im posting in the correct area here but I could not see anywhere else that was appropriate! To cut to the chase, me and a mate are planning a road trip.. it will be about 3000 miles, various driving styles and end up on the Nurinburgring via autobahns. I'm a Honda enthusiast and am used to 8000rpm with great reliability so i'm not sure how Toyota compare. I've been told Toyota have great reliability also however, which leads me to this forum.. There are alot of older cars with high mileage going for good prices. What do you guys think of the following cars? Toyota Celica? (2 liter GT) Toyota MR2? (not sure of the best model?) Really what im asking is how reliable they are they and how do they handle. We would be looking at things around 150k miles at a guess! I've seen MR2's engine bay, and they look like a real pain to work with.. do the celica and mr2 engines use cambelts that may need changing? any weak points? I'm also quite tall at 6ft4 and not too sure if I would fit in any of them!! Hopefully I didn't come across rude just appearing on the forum and sticking such a big question up straight away! Thanks, Leon