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  1. You also have some weird rules in place, like if you put something in the for sale section, it may not be offered to anyone outside the club (!). The rule isn't enforced (almost everything in the for sale section is also offered on other online market places), but it can get a member expelled if you mention it yourself ;-) In the end, all users should just accept that the owners may just do whatever they want, such as delete your user altogether. That's just the way it is...
  2. I'm 6'3", I do a daily commute of 50+ miles. No problem with the clearance above my head. It has a couple of other small drawbacks, though. The lights of other cars (reflecting off the Aygo's mirrors) are terribly bright. I would love to have a self-blinding mirror (some darken the rear window, but that takes away too much visibility when driving in the dark). Furthermore, it's a bit difficult to adjust the rear view mirror to have an acceptable view. This relates to the curvature of the roof, which is also the reason the mirror is so low on the front window. BTW, the latter issue is terrible at traffic lights as well. All in all a swell car though, value for money!
  3. I have a Corolla Verso MMT and it too is a bit jerky when cold. It tries to keep idle revs relatively high when cold (1500/min), which makes it more difficult for the clutch to be smooth. You could always disconnect the battery to see whether it works. Failure codes in the computer will be lost, but there is probably nothing in there anyhow. It will get the car to relearn, but this means more jerkiness in the first couple of drives.
  4. Same thing with the Blackberry: the volume has to be set to max on the Blackberry and the volume needs to be significantly above 30... Pretty impractical when I unplug the BB: the car switches to FM and blasts...
  5. I had the same with my - then - 2 year old Aygo that had only done 10.000 km. The rear muffler was still airtight, but there were some loose welds inside it. My theory is that the problem is related to the fact that the car only did short trips before I bought it (in fact, a daily 2 x 1.5 mile journey!). The exhaust fumes weren't able to heat the muffler to a high enough temperature, allowing water from the exhaust fumes to condensate inside it rather than evaporate. As a result, water would be always present in the muffler, leading it to rust through its internal welds. In any case, mine was also replaced under warranty. I drive on average 40 miles a day, so I don't expect to encounter the problem again. If I do, I do not intend to replace the muffler before it's no longer airtight. I'll accept the extra noise ;-)
  6. Some have reported as little as 15 miles, some say 80 km... The total size of the tank is 35 liters - although I've managed to put in 37.5 on occassion (filling it fully up - until the filler opening). If you fill her up, take note of the amount you put in - that will give you a ballpark figure for the future.
  7. I am sorry to have to inform you that you are expelled from the Aygo forum, since with an ygo you no longer qualify. Go and raise an ygo forum! ;-) Luckily this forum is not as keen on expelling members as some others ;-) But seriously, if I were you, I'd go to the dealer and just explain what happened. Of course they should not fall off and I'm sure it's pretty uncommon. Do you still have the A? It should be relatively easy for the dealer to reattach it.
  8. These suggestions are based on what was wrong with my Aygo when I bought it aged 2 ;-) - check the water pump (with open bonnet: to the left of the engine) and check for a pink ring of leaked coolant fluid. - with cold engine, rev a bit with the door open. If you hear a sharp noise from the muffler, some of the partitions within the muffler are loose. Often with cars with low mileage (the muffler then never reaches operating temperature, resulting in water remaining inside the muffler and causing corrosion) - try whether the side mirrors can be adjusted easily. If they've been adjusted often (e.g. 2 different regular drivers), the adjustment mechanism may have worn out. In the Netherlands, Toyota's have 3 year warranty. All the above were solved (through replacements) under warranty. I've owned it for 5 months now ;-) And yes, I'm very happy with it.
  9. My Aygo + has an empty weight of 805 kg and a maximum weight of 1190 kg, according to its registration. I.e., total weight of persons and cargo is 385 kg. I would guess that with most compounds, volume is a more stringent restriction than weight. How many gold bars did you plan to transport? :D
  10. What's that? A dirty lawn mower? Please only post pictures of Aygos on this forum ;)
  11. Sure it will fit. And if you're not sure, why not take the plastic cap off, drive to the yunk yard and try it before you buy? It fits on so easily that it shouldn't take you more than a minute to try it on.
  12. Are you sure that the noise comes from the engine? The muffler has some known issues. Sometimes the metal sheets inside the muffler come loose. I experienced it and at first it happened only when the engine is cold and gets worse when you rev up. It disappeared when the muffler gets warm. Of course it also happens when not under load.
  13. I think you should first prove that there's an Aygo under that pile. :P
  14. Yes, that is something that my Corolla Verso also does. Very annoying!
  15. Well, yes, I have experienced that joy. There's too much water in the car, but it may be hard to find it. Possible locations: 1. in the venting system. Turn the heater up and the air conditioning off for the last two miles of any journey (and use the recirculation sparingly). This allows the water in the air conditioning system to be shed before the next trip. 2. Water ingress through the rubbers, which accumulates under the carpet. Good luck!
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