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  1. uk cars had aircon as an option but it was so damn expensive that almost noone took it!
  2. yep exactly 50 miles for me too but I do boost it now and then, mostly short journeys/town driving.
  3. Good to hear matey :D Got a scan of the chart so we can see how the power is delivered by any chance? Once you get a decat and downpipe it'll fly!
  4. I mentioned this in the other thread: I had the same problem with a Sony headunit, the solution is to connect the negatives of all the speaker outs to the headunits ground, works fine for me.
  5. DeusMR2


    Looks very clean mate. Have your front windows got a mirror tint by any chance?
  6. Its the charcoal canister, dont worry about it. The other noise that you might hear is bubbling water flowing back to the resevoir after a hard run, thats normal too.
  7. same here! that one looks stunning
  8. DeusMR2


    Welcome! A very clean 2 you have there
  9. thanks :group-cuddles:
  10. Thanks for the replies dudes :group-cuddles: Yeah the SAFC2 lets you adjust the fuel-air ratio at whatever rpm you want... need to get it set up at an RR session though really (which I havn't done yet ). I'm waiting to get an A-pillar guage so I can mount the boost guage properly, it's been sitting there for months now and the bracket has scratched the dash so i need to repsray that aswell.
  11. As Bibbs said best way to eliminate all the problems at once is to use a new loom straight from the battery. I had the same problem with the headunit turning off randomly until I found out I hadn't connected both power lines to the unit (red + yellow) so that whenever the stock ariel popped up it switched off. The buzzing is an earth problem that I had too, try connecting all the speaker -ve's from the ps2 to ground. That worked for my headunit!
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, the thing mounted in the roof is a SAFC-2 and the dials are from http://speedhut.com. They're very popular among mr2 folk, you can get a set for about £70+ I think but make sure you get the right set of dials!
  13. Havn't taken any pics in ages so I thought I might take some in this nice weather :P.
  14. To be safe, I'd create a seperate fused power and ground lead for the TV unit if I were you. The speaker wires of course can be shared without any problems.
  15. DeusMR2

    Slippy Tyres

    agreed, the NS-2's are quite good! They came with my alloys (245/215). In the dry they have excellent grip, though in the wet theyre not quite as good. Lasts forever too
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