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  1. Happy Birthday Corolla-98!

  2. All, Time has come to say goodbye to a old and great friend that has been with me for over four years, she has been good to me over the years never letting me down in snow, rain, and the odd trip down the strip at SantaPod. Due to seperation from the wife and more hours away at work, I have to sell the Corolla to clear space in the garage. - I will miss her (the car that is). Corolla now for sale on e-bay. Corolla 1998 Supercharged WRC look-a-like Goodbye to all old and new friends that I have met over the years. You never know, I may be back in a few years with a new model (Car that is)
  3. Looks nice mate, It would look better with nice window tints (hint of blue) - I have white wheels, the last time I saw them clean was the day I brought them.. what do you use ?
  4. Done - Hope Joe is fighting fit very soon.
  5. Looks like another busy year.. just need to buy another tent, found the one I used last year in the boot of the car.. just say it was a bit black with mould :ffs: - on the plus side I found a tin of princess hot dog sausages
  6. Just moved from Ipswich to Stowmarket (13 miles away).... Lets put some dates down for meets in 2006 Starting with "The Fast Show" at SantaPod March 25th & 26th - I know its not local but it's the first thought . Second - We could have a meet down at Yarmouth or Clacton (Used to go there with the Subaru Club) Third - Something for the sumer months - BBQ or meet around suffolk - Norfolk area.. Let me know.. don't be shy, show your Toyota with pride.
  7. Car is looking very nice, reminds me of the good old day's when I brought mine. Can you still buy those wheels? I have been looking everywhere for a spare set.
  8. Hi all Sorry it's been ages since I was last on but I have been a little busy, moving house being shipped overseas by my company. Poor Corolla has been off the road since the last meet (JAE) but hope to get her to SantaPod in March. Is the club making an apperance at " The Fast Show" at SantaPod on Sat 25th & Sun 26th March ? http://www.thefastshow.com/ This will be the first show I will be able to attend of 2006, hope to meet you all again very soon.. Corolla 98
  9. I managed to get mine from Booster (Germany), it would have cost around £300 but thay made a mistake and charged me only £150.00, the only down side was getting it to stick to the rear glass. After a quick word with the local windscreen fitter and a large pot of glue ( touch wood ) it's still stuck. :!Removed!: P.S I had to wait over five weeks to get it delivered, somthing about making to order :censor:
  10. I would do but I'm busy moving my house to the outskirts of stowmarket (Combsford). Sunday I may pop down to Donny south if it stops raining. :ffs:
  11. Hope everyone managed to get home without any prangs :( Got pulled by the :ffs: 30 min's from home.. One of the nicest Coppers I have ever met, he pointed out that I still had my CASTROL plates still on :!Removed!: after a few words and a quick removal job I managed to get off only with brown undies Hope to see you all again. Ken - Your a star, great weekend and one of the best shows I,ve been to in ages.
  12. Someone on our site has my black fold-away chair from Santa Pod, who ever has it please could I have it back for JAE Thanks, saves getting a wet bum <_<
  13. Hammer for the tent Gas BBQ and water for the pop noodle if all fails on the food front (£3.50 a burger !!!) new tent (bust the last one at Santa Pod) Cheque book and pen Cash Beer and crisps (extra hot ones) Tom ! don't forget to bring sun cream Things to leave at home = worries and wife
  14. I have just paid for my patch, sorry again Ken for being late but work and moving house has been on the top of the list of thing to do. (forgot !! ) Paid for BBQ ticket as well See you all there folks..
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