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  2. Hi There, It has a decat pipe already. But thanks for the nod. The cat only goes on once a year for the MOT. What centre did you get your exhaust from. Cheers Big E
  3. Hi all, Has anybody got any experience with a cat back system on the Gen 6. I have the UK mk3 model. Because I have a veilside back bumper a mongoose system will not look right. I have been to Demon Tweeks and been quoted £450 for a Cat back Stainless system with a 4" single slash exit. Any pro's or con's wouyld be appreciated. Maybe someone might have a Kaki in their shed.... Cheers for now, Big E
  4. Hi All, Hope this helps you all out. I had the same problem with the rear knocking noise but it was a retaining spring that had disappeared. Because of the brake set up in the ST202 you should never put the handbrake on when the car is in motion. It will move the assembly around and pieces then move. I ordered a new set of brake springs and bits..etc.. from TCB Parts (£10) and then found it corrected the knocking noise when the ful set of springs where back on. This problem also happens to BMW's...common fault. So just dont put the handbrake on when your still moving then you wont get a clunki
  5. Had a good poke around and a clean up...but could find nothing but when everythings been put back together the light is out... I checked the bulb (just in case) and thats fine.... So totally unsure what happened and what was up but its ok now.... (fingers crossed)...
  6. Hi There, Try TCB Parts....They are based in cornwall.... Just google TCB parts and you will find them... Never done me any harm...only good... Big E
  7. New Colour Scheme..

  8. Hi There, I have changed my hub & bearings on the rear of my ST202. They come as a unit so they do not split. If you have ABS (like I do) they cost alot more than the import parts. Its quite striaght forward though. After you have taken off the wheel, brake caliper your faced with 4 nuts... Take off then replace... Took me about 1'n'half hours to do the full job... Were you able to replace your wheel hub bearing? I also found a similar part but it comes with ABS and I'm not sure if I can just take that off. Hope somebody can also help give some tips on how to replace just the bearing an
  9. Hi All, Has anybody had this problem. When driving the car the oil light stays off.... When sat in traffic my RED oil light comes on...I do have oil in... Has this happened to anyone... Is it the oil pressure switch or the oil pump...??? Any advice or help would be good... Many thanks in advance Big E
  10. Hi All, Can anybody tell me if the supra side skirts fit the Celica Gen 6. If so do the need modifying etc. The Celica sill length is approx 1800mm... What is the Supra. I am looking to beef up the rear end... Any comments would be good...(helpful ones please)... Cheers Big E
  11. Hi All, It's 90% chance its your rocker cover gaskets. Note I said gaskets. There is a gasket that runs around the edge and the 2 outet plug holes. There is another gasket that is located in the middle (looks like a pair of glasses). This will be your problem. Change both though only £20-25 for gaskets. It took me 2 hrs to do this job from start to finish. Just make sure you keep all the bolts you take off in order. Throttle body, exhaust gas mixer pipe (front pipe that sticks out in a bad horse shoe shape), bracket that supports the throttle cable, breather pipes etc. I also if I remember rig
  12. Hi there, Thanks for that... It all seems ok to what I done.. A good way to check off... Thanks..
  13. Hi All, I am hoping that someone out there can help before I struggle. I took the pads off the front of the Celica and there where 2 wishbone shaped springs either side. Has anyone or can anyone tell me which way they re-attach to my new pads. When I took the old pads out the springs where only attached to one end of each pad. Do they interlock with the pad opposite....Help Please.. a little guidance would be great. Maybe a picture or a help note would be good. Thanks Big E.
  14. Hi again, Thanks for the comment on the spoiler. Some of the shogun spoilers do not have led brake lights and some do. They do fit the back of the Gen 6 quite nicely. Fleebay will be your best bet. Watch out for stress fractures (which will need fixing) from the mounts. Oh I the chances are, that if your going for a second hand one the LED lights (if you choose this option) will need splicing into your existing rear lights. The lights will probably not be very good as they will be worn with time. Check the quality of the LEDs as replacement can cost more than the 2nd hand spoiler. You can alwa
  15. I looked for ages for a GT4 spoiler (that was within budget). The best I could find where the extension posts on ebay via Japan. You mount your existing spoiler to it. I was not convinced so I opted for a 2nd hand Veilside and rubbed it down myself. Only cost £20 and 3 Saturday mornings rubbing it down.... I have attached a pic (if it works great.. If not sorry let me know and I will try again. Cheers, Big E
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