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  1. Very cool..id defoo b interested in switchin to the flip key..Also, is there a way to programme the key to switch on lights, shut windows etc as is the case on the VW Golf?! :)
  2. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=104967&st=0&p=952427&hl=+how%20+many%20+warranty%20+claims&fromsearch=1entry952427
  3. Toyota have a habit of damaging cars and then not takin responisibility..happened to me on 3 seperate occasions..i fully examine my car before and after and now tell them NOT to wash my car free of charge!!..id rather tke it to a hand car wash and pay a fiver than repair a nasty scratch. toyota customer service is by far the worst. And dont even get me started on my warraanty claims!!! :censor:
  4. you could hang on till the original nearly running out.incase you change the car or someother reason. but of course it will more than likly cost more then (inflation) Hey ppl Id b careful with toyota extended warranties!! I had mine extended for a year but when i had problems and eventually got round to using it some 9 months later, my dealer said he would charge me £60 diagnostic fee for every fault i reported as with all extended warranties!! There were around 5 issues that needed to be investigated so thats £300! Whether they found a fault or not. I was told the warranty only included parts and labour once the fault was found. What a joke!! Err what was the point in extending it?!! ABZ-T2
  5. Hi just a quick q unrelated to the topic. What do u mean by guaranteed no claims? Will making a claim not affect your no claims bonus? Coz tht snds great!Which company r u with?! lol ABZ-T2
  6. So iv extended my warranty coz well its an AURIS!! I dint like the thought of goin without 1 as over the past 3 years i fink i wdve bin bankrupt without it. So I went into my delaer as clutch cylinder needed replacing as well as front shock absorbers. Also went on a test drive to find the source of that now 3 year old rattle which has never been resolved. Finally they found the source - the mid console - said they would take care of it...Great... Went to collect the car the next day and was told....its not covered by warranty?!!
  7. "Interior The trim and fabric are highly durable so any obvious signs of wear may suggest that the car has had a particularly tough life" WHAT?!!
  8. Sounds good mate!! U have actually found a cure foR Auris cancer!! :P I hate the rattles. Will deffo try it!! ABZ-T2
  9. Y do u wana take them off?!! :o I love it!! Could never tell esp on motorway whether car is in 3rd or 5th! Now i knw as if light doesnt go on means its in 5th! Im kinda used to it now too. Drove my sisters car last week and it felt awkward without it! ABZ-T2
  10. R u sure u want that?! I personally think it looks ugly! Ur bumper shouldn't get scratched if your careful. And even if it does, well its only a bit of plastic. I mean dnt get me wrong but u could always get it resprayed/repaired for less than that.My car is 07 model and my bumper has never been damaged due to loading or unloading. If you really want it, try a local shop/garage. I take care of my car alot and wanted an internal boot trim protector, Toyota said £50. I got it from a local car accessories shop for a tenner. However, I am thinking of getting bumper and door mouldings for the front and back to avoid scuffs/bumps/dents which are more likely! Its obviously up 2 u but thats how i feel! ABZ-T2
  11. ABZ-T2

    Auris Meet

    Hey mate I dont fink any1s gonna come unless its properly organised by some1 in an authority position or a longstanding familiar member! There is a part of the forum dedicated for this. I knw i wdnt turn up to a random meet organised through a normal thread by a total stranger!! No offence! ABZ-T2
  12. Hi I have a 5dr auris and there is a gap when the back seats aren't reclined. There is no gap when the seats are reclined. Think this is normal. Let me know if it isnt!! :P ABZ-T2
  13. What?! They are offering a 5 year warranty to NEW customers when we are the ones who have suffered and lived through the nightmare chain of one recall after another?! Not to mention the old design interior more likely to go wrong. The revised auris has allowed for all the issues/faults. They dont need an extra 2 years of warranty, WE DO!! When is toyota ever going to learn to keep its EXISTING customers happy rather than attract new ones. At the end of the day it is we toyota owners who are going to want to buy another one if we are happy! ABZ-T2
  14. Mate is the SAAB forum that crap or non existent that u spendin time ere?!! U dnt even have a toyota for gods sake. Get a life!! ABZ-T2
  15. GET USED TO THE RATTLES!! Having owned my car for exactly 3 years now i have realised 'nothing can be' or rather 'nothing will be' done about this problem. I have now been to my dealer 20 times in the past 3 years for the same rattles again and again. Finally when my warranty was about to expire and i was persistent to get them resolved beforehand, my dealer said: 'There is nothing we can do about this' Keep going again and again until they finally admit this! The 3 year old car which is otherwise in excellent condition feels like a 30 year old piece if junk!! When my mates are in the car they say: 'Oh wait a min, turn the music down what's that sound?!' i say 'Oh thats my car!' Toyota is ruining its own reputation. Why not offer the soft touch trim as in the revised auris to existing customers or actually find a solution to this number 1 complaint? Do they really think were gonna actually buy another auris?! The warranty is useless too as they never fix anything! Whats the point of having it. You dont need the warranty for the ever so frequent recalls anyway! I have had rattles from: Seats B pillar - both sides door trims dashboard glovebox boot trim under passenger seat - tray centre console ALL REMAIN UNRESOLVED ABZ-T2
  16. Any decent body shop will be able to repair it,I had the same happen to me 14 months ago and it was done and back on the road 24 hours later,perfect paint match,impossible to tell from before accident, Dunc. Hi Thanks for replying. If you dont mind me asking, how much did it cost and was it worth it?1 Every1 saying no point repairing as bumper prone to damage! ABZ-T2
  17. Hey Guys I have another problem! Literally just touched a small pole while parking my car which wasn't visible to me. I have a small area of cracks on the side of the rear bumper. Totally gutted i didn't see it. Furthermore, a guy was stood behind me watching as i approached it. Surely he could have told me?!! Anywaz is there any way i can get this repaired easily and cheaply?!! ABZ-T2
  18. Hey Mate Il save u a whole load of money and trouble by saying 1 word: DONT!! ABZ-T2
  19. Hey guys Went shoppin today and came back to find a 15cm long, deep scratch on my bonnet! Who would do such a thing?! Jus polished my car this morning and was all shiny! Anywaz enuf of tht....does any1 have any ideas how much it would cost to get it repaired?! Also can any1 please suggest where to have it repaired. Thanx ABZ-T2
  20. ABZ-T2

    Toyota Recall

    What?!! If anything we should be compensated for!! Its not our fault! ABZ-T2
  21. ABZ-T2

    Toyota Recall

    That was quick Rick! Are they replacing all 3 parts in all vehicles? Impressive!! ABZ-T2
  22. Steve, although this car is an extreme case scenario, the auris is generally prone to more wear and tear than other cars. My 07 auris has 20000 miles on the clock and i look after it really well. However, the interior trim still has scratches and scuff marks. It doesnt look like a 3 year old car. even though th exterior is intact and it still has the new car smell!! The rattles make it seem even older, not to mention all the other problems!! ABZ-T2
  23. Hey Yes both should be covered under warranty. Steering creaking sounds serious. I had the same problem. Had to have whole steering column changed. Act fast, dont compromise your safety! Btw, regarding this topic: The amount of claims are recalls everyones listing proves the Auris is not worth it. Especially the latest media coverage on the accelarator recall. I think toyota should seriously consider extending the warranty on Auris! ABZ-T2
  24. Each time car was cleaned outside and inside after service/warranty job- great. Last time wasn't cleaned at all (OK, not a big deal) but there was mess inside- old tissues, tape and plastic bits all over it. My glove box content was up side down and bits on the front seat. I was in hurry and I couldn't be bothered to go back and make complaints. My dealer scratches my car everytime it goes in for any repairs. On 3 seperate occasions there were deep scratches on the exterior of my car. When i complained i was faced with a rude and aggressive manager who completely denied responsibility!! I have now asked them not to wash my car!
  25. Good 4 u mate. Glad u made the right decision. If ur not happy with it to start off with u never will be! Just some advice - r u sure it was just the engine size or the car overall ur not happy with?! Have a think about it b4 ur purchase! U wnt be allowed another exchange. All the best ABZ-T2
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