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  1. My New Toy, :D Some minor changes made already, 17" Alloys, Side Repeators, Decal, Calipers, Lettering....Etc Etc Just waiting on my "rear tinted lights" and "bumper indicators"....GOT TO RID THAT NASTY ORANGE & RED yuk! Few more ideas in mind, To follow. :-) ST202 GT Celica Toyota 2.0 1994 Jap Import LiftBack 3 Door. 100k.
  2. minxmanther

    My New Toy

    My Celica, Bought just a few days ago. April 10th. Ready to start my mods..... Let the games commence! :-) Photos of How it is now, Will be adding pics as work is done to it.
  3. Hi, I am after a repair manual like a haynes for example for My st202 6th series toyota celica gt 2.0 1994 3 door liftback (bubble shape lights)its an import, Been in the uk 5 yrs. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, Regards, Sam **NOTE** Ive seen Chilton manuals but it states on the front for US models, Which confuses me, and I cannot seem to locate ANY haynes. Ive also seen references to japanese manuals/Translated available as costly downloads, but cannot see this being ideal, When i need a book in hand on the job. :-S
  4. Hi all, Im wanting to change my rear lights, and my front bumper indicators for the darker smoked effect ones. Im having trouble finding any, Ebay had one lot that matched mine but i lost the auction yesterday. There is another seller, selling GT4 smoked/tinted lights, but they seem a different shape, They have little vents on a perfect curve at the end of each side, whereas my lights are more squarer on the curve, with no vents. Is there a site i can use for parts to make it look better? Or a similar toyota i can nab parts from? I cant seem to locate any bits, All ive managed to buy is the side repeators. Thanks all, Sammy :-)
  5. Hi All, Just bought the newer shape (bubble lights) GT 2.0 1994 L reg Toyota celica. Its been in the uk for just 5 yrs, Its black. With 100k. Looks pretty tidy. Wanting to do some minor changes to it. Will ask my questions in the relevant sections. Thanks all Sammy :-)
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