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  1. I was trying to be sarcastic that when I asked how to make MY car faster I was told to buy a faster car. I know it was a poor way of me asking and I'm sorry for that. I am grateful for the help guys. I love my celica and it's in amazing condition and I want to make it better, I'm just frustrated the lack of available parts. That's why I'm thinkng engine swap because the gt4 engine has plenty available. Plus it would give me a fun project :)
  2. Fair enough and if I wanted a faster car I should just buy a supra or better yet a Porsche. Ok lemme narrow it down to this question. Will a gt4 engine fit in my St?
  3. ya but i'm not finding a lot of lights for 6th gens at all tho thats the prob. I'm kinda contemplating an engine swap really. either that or just shelling out for a turbo system, but the only turbo kits i've found are for the GT... is it possible to put one on the 1.8 ST??
  4. Ok so I recently bought a 1998 1.8 ST Celica here in England which I believe is an import from Japan. I've been looking for performance parts for my car and have had almost no luck. Does anyone know where I can find them? I've been looking for lights, engine mods, exaughst systems the works. Are the parts for the 2.0 engine interchangeable?? Why are there so few parts out there for 6th gen Celicas???
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