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  1. Thanks for replies but you've missed the point. ALL lights come on manually & full strength. NONE come on on opening doors. I cannot help but feel that this is a fault centrally & would like to have ideas as where to look.
  2. Hi. Wife has 02 rav for some years. Now don't laugh but she has just noticed that when the doors are opened the int. lights do not come on & she thinks never have done. I read somewhere that in the fuse box is a false white one that might have something to do with it. Ideas any one? Thanks
  3. Hi. See previous "cloudy headlights". Thanks for advice. bought a power polisher also &had a good go with fine W&D, polish , elbow grease, sweat & so on. Damn waste of time & is bad as ever was. SO looks like new units as wife really hacked of at grotty looks-Rav that is! The prices quoted are around the £180 mark which does seem a bit pricey. Obviously I could get used units but the trouble would be in those also. Any one got advice as to where I could buy at a more reasonable price. Be obliged for help folks, Ta Chris
  4. Hi. 02 rav4 headlight plastic going cloudy. Help please. Is the cover a separate item or do i have to buy a whole new unit-at vast expence. Thanks
  5. We have a new shape Rav 3door & due to the lack of storage space for odds & ends put a plastic milk bottle in the "boot/trunk" area.It leaked!!!!!!!! We now have a horrible smell. Anyone help with stripping the plastic side trim down & removal of carpet to clean the carpet & get at the undeneath. I can't see an easy way of doing it. Help help please.It really pongs.
  6. Shcm Thanks a lot. Just the job. Chris
  7. Hi. Just aquired 2003 rav4. Can some one kindly explain the knobs & buttons on the central console. What does AF remote, pty menu ta guidance etc mean. Also how does the radio work. Alas no handbook with car. Thanks in eager anticipation Chris
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