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  1. lol nice one jimlad heres where i can get it from http://www.tgincar.co.uk/index.html they do a nice double din one for £550
  2. jazzyjc123

    In Car Dvd

    right here we go - i can get an in car dvd player with motorised screen (7") for £329 its a present so the choice is mine i want one but that little voice in my head is saying do you really want one ? heres the question to those people that have one are they any good ? are they just there for looks lol ? and do you really use it that much ? i do a fair few miles so im not sure i know your not supposed to have them on when your driving just looking for a bit of sensibility j
  3. something to aim for in the future lol i wish http://www.mr2ownersclub.com/quartermile/
  4. snakeeater just out of interest how old are ? i went with tesco got a quote online and when i rang it was cheaper im 34 had a total write off claim this year got a quote of 633 i know its expensive but i got full leagal cover replacement car but they also threw in their top of the range breakdown cover that covers me for everything and i only put down 2500 for the car and 350 vol excess
  5. not too good with a solder kit lol how much are those unichips then jimlad and what do they do ?
  6. rookey how much was it where from etc sounds like loads of fun to me
  7. this explains a bit more http://www.dtafast.co.uk/launch.htm
  8. was watchin somethin on men and motors launch control is similar to the things drag racers use some guy had it on his skyline (193mph on the 1/4 mile) it basically hold your engine at peak revs etc then you press a button and away you go sorry its not more technical but thats just about what it does
  9. jimlad looking for some more power how about 400 bhp at the rear wheels http://www.mr2.org.nz/members/Bonita_Muntz.html
  10. thanks bibbs just thought i would ask cheers mate
  11. sorry spelling was **** just got up lol does anyone know if the boss kit will fit j
  12. hi doesantone know if the boss kit from a starlet will fit my 2 ? and also has anyone used that foliatec plastic ? is any good and do you have any pics thanks j
  13. jazzyjc123


    a year ago mate ill have to get a job like urs got to say without being a brown nose it looks very sweet and you can tell you enjoy what you do to it just out of interest ( and you can pm the answer if you want) how much have you spent i read the thread bout your erm race lol with the ferrari so i guess alot has gone on the engine
  14. jazzyjc123


    looks like people can be as critical as you lot lol only jocking i thought it looked ok http://www.imoc.co.uk/qanda/ViewThread.asp...eID=163459&p=30
  15. jazzyjc123


    dawolf sounds like u dont like the rev 1 lol to be honest i did not know much about the mr2 when i brought it i had a celica gtr till i got this but got it stolen in weston super mare i dont like the high it sits but some i8s and lowered springs will sort that im looking for a decent exhaust at the min its all on the shopping list gortta start goin to some meets and looking at other peoples rides in the flesh
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